What is SSL Connection Error? How to fix it? Know Causes & Solutions

Errors are quite standard on the internet. But most people don’t know What is SSL Connection Error and also How do you fix an SSL connection error? Most of the times, people confront numerous mistakes on their web page due to some unknown reasons. People find it quite arduous in fixing some of the errors that appear on the internet mainly on the Google Chrome web browser.

Have you ever heard about SSL Connection Error? Most of the people face this standard issue on their device when trying to open a new web page on the Google Chrome browser. There are cases where people get this error on many of the tools like smartphones, computers and many other devices connected to the internet.

Here is everything you need to know about the SSL Connection error like why people get this error most frequently, causes, reasons behind the occurrence of SSL error and many other details. You can also check out the best solutions for the SSL connection error.

In this post, we have come up with a detailed step by step guide that aids the users in solving or fixing the SSL Connection Error. Here’s the fix and everything!

  What is SSL Connection Error

What is SSL Connection Error?

SSL is an acronym for Secure Socket Layer. In fact, SSL is a protocol used commonly for the internet to set up a secure link or connection between people and the specific website servers.

To make sure about the safe transmission of data and other information, this secure socket layer or SSL is used. To enter into a page securely and privately, you will use this Secure Socket Layer protocol. To explain about the SSL protocol in a detailed way, we will describe it with an example.

For instance, you usually open some website and try to access it by entering the username, password and other confidential credit card details on the internet or the sites. In such a case, SSL helps the users in the best way. It ensures that all your data and information encrypted before sending from your computer to that particular websites.

SSL makes sure that it secures all your data without being eavesdropped to any other user or the admin of the website. On the current contemporary web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and many more, you can find a default list of integrated certificates for the Secure Socket Layer.

If in case, the default settings on your device are not favorable then it could eventually become the basis or cause for this SSL Connection Error. This is all about the actual gist of the SSL Connection Error.

Causes of SSL Connection Error

In this guide, you can check out the actual factors that could eventually cause this SSL Connection Error on the web browser of your device. Check out the causes of SSL Connection Error:

  • If the date and time on your device are incorrect or if it mismatches then, you will get this error on your PC or Laptop.
  • If the un-trusted authority issues the certificate or if the document is not up to date.
  • If in case, the page you tried to access comprises of some secure or unprotected things, you will get this error.
  • If the SSL Certificate is not trustworthy or if a trusted authority does not issue the certificate.
  • If the antivirus scans some of the encrypted connections or data transmissions in the background of your device.
  • If you find any mismatch amidst the name of the certificate.
  • In some companies, employees come across this error due to a firewall between the PC and the internet.

These are some of the potential causes for the occurrence of the SSL Connection Error.

How to Fix SSL Connection Error in Google Chrome Web Browser?

In the above list, we have provided the list of causes for SSL Connection error. Now, you can check out the solutions for all those problems. Here are some of the possible solutions or fixes for the SSL Connection Error that appears on the Google Chrome web browser.

Check them How do I fix SSL error on Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and also Android mobile phone.

1. Correct the Date and Time on your Computer

You need to make sure that the date and time on your computer and correct and matches the browser time. Almost all of the people get this error fixed after correcting the date and time on their computers or laptops. If you find this error, immediately navigate to the location where you find the date and time and make some settings.

Correct the Date and Time on your Computer

On the right corner of your computer, you can find the time and date display on the device.

On the option that says ‘Change Date and Time Settings.’ Just click on it.

You need to gain the rights from your admin to change the date and time settings on your device.

Even after changing the time and date settings, if you still get this error, you need to alter the CMOS battery of your PC or Laptop.

2. Handle Certificates in Google Chrome Web Browser

This might be one of the main reasons for the occurrence of this error on your web page. Due to the certificates on the Chrome browser, you could get this SSL Connection Error. Check out the simple steps provided below to fix this error with much ease.

  • First of all, you need to open the Google Chrome web browser on your PC.
  • Just tap on the three horizontal lines that appear in the top right corner of your webpage.
  • You need to navigate to Settings. You can then see the option that says ‘Show Advanced Settings’ on the next pop-up window.
  • After scrolling down through the window, you can find a button that says ‘Manage Certificates.’ Just click on it.
  • You can see a new window opening in the Chrome browser. You have to import all the necessary certificates just by tapping on the import button.
  • Make sure that you have saved all the changes and hit the OK button. You can then close the web browser.
  • You need to re-launch the Google Chrome browser and navigate to your preferred website.

3. Alter the Settings of Google Chrome

This fix will inform the Google Chrome web browser to overlook the certificates error. You need to browse only the trusted websites if you make use of this option. You need to make sure that you keep away from visiting the wary sites. To do that setting, just follow the below steps:

Google Chrome seting

  • First of all, you need to click on the Chrome button. Just right-click on the icon and go to Properties.
  • You need to click on the target. In that field, you need to add the line that says ‘Ignore Certificate Errors.’
  • You need to apply all the changes and hit OK.
  • You can now navigate to the websites that you tried to access previously.

This way, you can quickly fix the SSL Connection Error.

4. Change Antivirus Settings

Sometimes, you get this error due to some problems on the Antivirus that you have installed on your PC. It could cause the SSL Connection error. Some of the antivirus software programs will block the certificates if they find it that the documents are not legal. If you are seeking to solve this issue, you can follow the below-provided steps:

Change Antivirus Settings

  • First of all, you need to close all the web browsers on your device.
  • Navigate to the Control Panel >> Settings >> Advanced Settings >> Network.
  • You can find the option that says ‘Encrypted connections scan.’
  • You can then uncheck or disable this option to scan the encrypted settings.
  • Just click on to apply all the changes.
  • Go to the Chrome browser and access the same website on which you got this error.
  • Even after making the settings, you still find the same error; you need to click on the three horizontal lines icon on the web page.
  • Navigate to Settings >> Show Advanced Settings >> Change Proxy Settings.
  • You can find a pop-up window and click on Security tab.
  • You can then navigate to Privacy and try to make some adjustments to the next step.
  • Click on Clear SSL State and tap on OK button.
  • You can now acquire access to the website and get rid of this SSL Connection error.

These are some of the best fixes or solutions that help the users overcome the SSL Connection error on their Google Chrome web browser.

Final verdict on SSL connection error

When you try to acquire access to the websites such as Gmail.com and Facebook, they get this SSL connection error. The error message that appears on the webpage says ‘SSL Connection Error.’ This is because; billions of peeps across the globe access these two websites in a rapid way.

If you find this error, then you must understand that there is something not correct on your device. If you are struggling hard to fix this error, we have come up with the best solution. Hope same like ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR it is also solved. Finally thanks for read this post.

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