Top 20 take me to a useless websites 2020


Nowadays, the online trend was popularized to spend the time without feeling bore and this is the source to enjoy the session of free time. So today we are talking about taking me to useless websites.

The only process of getting into online is the common trend for present generation people to get aware from the feeling bore.

But few websites are released to spoil the valuable time of online customers. Data connection for computer or mobile phones is mandatory for going through the time spent with online sites.

Are you feeling bored? Wants to spend the time without irritation, people need to visit various websites. There is bunch number of websites listed under the useless category as per recent analysis.

Some of the people don’t know whether the site was useful or not? Going through full observation over the website will show the beneficial features of a site. Now check out the list of useless websites which can get accessed through online services.

By seeing the list of these useless sites, you will obviously feel worst why we have spent the time on those waste sites.

The thinking comes from visiting the portal is not an essential task, but after knowing the matter people will feel like the original.

useless websites

Top 20 Popular take me to a useless websites 2019

You are still visiting the website but you don’t know the matter that you are using worst and time-wasting sites for your valuable information.

These websites are listed under useless level as per recent analysis.

2.Pointer Pointer
3.Your Name in Gum
4.Emotional Penguins
5.Hoooo com
7.The pointless 
9. Zombo
10.Rainy Mood
11.This is Sand
13.Shake the Worm
14.Ducks are the best
15.Last Page of Internet
16.Sad for JapanThis ga
17.Make everything OK
18.Download RAM
19.Patience is Virtue
20.Is My

Follow the list of useless sites and get the collection of useful sites. There is a uncountable number of use fewer sites.

Now we are after share about Best Torrent Sites nowhere to take you into the portal for waste and time-wasting sites.

take me to a useless website

1. PleaseDonate 

Please Donate useless websiteThis is in first place in our useless website’s list. The people who visited this website will feel wonder why we have been spending the time over a long session.

This is popular and most danger page on the service of online who are asked for the offering of donation.

After knowing about the site, the user will realize and get recommended to others not to visit again for any useful information.

By going through miscellaneous useless sites, aspirants will never get a chance visit such portals. These websites will ask for a donation of some amount and they are trying to pay by the users.

So this is the useless manner of the site that too is shown on the visit of customers. There is a possibility of copying images and matter from other original sites and make it as a duplicate.

There is no place for keeping punch lines without emotional status. If immercely, click on donate now option that will make the users get into payment session.

Get the status from the authority website that how many of the people are get a login to this web site and collect the time of wastage over it.

2. Pointer Pointer

Pointer PointerThis useless website is trying to express the information by placing images over the site and will try to impress the users.

By going with the pointer and cursor to website searching the place, the user can leave the comment by spending few seconds of time.

By choosing the search for pointer site, the requested image will appear on home page. The displayed feature with the image will builts the javascript under the proposal of still analysis.


3.Your Name in Gum

Your Name in GumThis site is totally time wasting period by spending the time for free for showing the name of the candidate with different patterns.

As a first step, the user needs to choose the material as gum then choose the color for filling the words.

As a next step, the user needs to type name in given box, and send the request over it and wait for few minutes of time.

By waiting for few minutes of time, aspirants will get into the resulted page. Now by seeing the resulted page users will feel happy for some time.

4.Emotional Penguins

Emotional PenguinsThe displayed picture of emotional penguins will be with a couple of images of five number on the home page.

Penguins are of five number with different sizes that to small and very small. By looking towards the penguin’s users can feel lovable and emotional.

By opening the home page of Emotional penguins, the user needs to move the cursor by choosing any one of the penguins and can drag the picture and then can change the place of the picture.

Like this user can change the penguin from anywhere to the original place. The only task is to move through drag option choosing and the web page will start to follow up of all these steps for finishing the task.

This is an easy and attractive site and the thing can produce the steps from here to there. So, at last, there is no use of this site and this is just for time pass purpose only.


Hoooo.comThis is one among the consideration of useless sites where as the resulted page will not appear with the useful and valid information.

By having search as in Google search box, the home page will appear with the display of Hoooooooooooo and will spell with sound as Hooooo repeatedly and then spell the sound same like as Heeeeeeeeeee.

Then the session will close automatically. There is another option called tweet and share at the bottom of the official page. By hearing Hooo or Here sound, the user can share the link of web age to their friends.

6. Isitchristmas

iisitchristmas.comBy visiting he web site, users can get into the portal and will look at the welcoming page with an attractive appearance and nice looking.

By getting into the page, a person needs to scroll the page downwards and will wonder really by seeing the post.

The display of a couple of web pages at one time will be possible by going through downwards from the official home page.

This website information given about the Christmas is a festival or not? That matter will extend with a huge number of unnecessary words.

As a fact, the matter is not needed to give the content and that is not exactly necessary to post in a particular web portal. 

7. The pointless 

The pointless comThis website will display the home page with website as big heading to the Center of the page.

Then by clicking on the option called website, Users will go through the page with showing the advertisements with the second scroll up on another page.

The advertisement will be varied with various sections such as food, education, Institution, Movies, Business, Travelling, Children care, Clothes, New trends, etc, much more.

So by going through this web page user will lose the data but no change in the appearance of matter that to useful.

8. Black

blackBlack! The name itself makes the representation of the use of website The appearance and use of the website will be completely black.

And the beneficial usage with the session of resulting way is also blank in the accomplishment of huge data usage.

The home page display will be plain and simple refer the usage of nothing. On the play, the ground of entire web accommodation will give the representation of useless manner.

So the matter itself shows that there is no use of visiting the web portal for users. Going through the black portal will show the mind with black referable knowledge.

9. Zombo

ZomboThe appearance of Zombo website is stronger and colorful looking, the appearance of the resulted page with the title on the top of the page.

Once the user entered the details concerning the website, then the home page will get displayed with the colored title and start speech regarding various topics with low volume range to high volume range.

Get into the below-provided link and now check out the appearance and look of this website.

This is also wastage of using the portal login and the resulted session has been under wastage by visiting the site.

10.Rainy Mood

rainymoodThe name shows the history of the site in a positive manner and most of the users will think like it was an entertaining session through online.

Once get into the web page, the user will come to know the use and necessity of these portals.

Rainy mood is also worst and useless website then going through the user into time wastage session. By looking at the name, users will decide to love the page but it may really pointless one under the consideration of online websites.

11.This is Sand

This is SandThe main task of this site is that the user will pour the sand by selecting various colors and the sand will get placed in empty places present over a large area.

By visiting this web site, the user can see the image with different color and all mixing of sand, the unique place of these sand pictures will get into one place. Under the space of the image, Authority has been given the name as creating and sharing the feeling after gone through the task which was given by the team of developers.

12. Koalastothemax

koalastothemaxIn this site, the user needs to create the designs with the shape of a circle and can color for those designed circles.

Choosing the colors option will be available in a separate section for easy accessing over the device.

The formation of circles should continue until the end that is the stage of receiving any results that are something different appearance.

While a person feels lonely when they are trying to get into online portals and jumbling way they may get into this page and start playing the game to know the last resulting stage.

Then at the final level, the person will come to know the purpose and usage of the sign of this site. So this is time wasting and useless site and the appearance of the home page will be dull and in an attractive way.

13. Shake the Worm

Shake the WormThe required task in shake the worm will be shaking the mouse button by observing the cursor move.

The place of the cursor may change with the little shaking of a mouse with neat observation.

And as the cursor goes on moving the work which was displayed as below will get the look as angry than by stopping the moving, it will stop the look as angriness.

The moving cursor should be in a creepy manner and the way of using the site will be under wastage of time. There is no use of doing this task and this is not good even for small children also. So this is also a useless site which leads to wastage of time.

14.Ducks are the best

duck sare the bestThe title itself shows the task belongs to ducks and this also a gaming portal which will lead to wastage of user time.

This is somewhat looking best for Duck lovers and those persons will immediately get into the page to see what is the use of the website.

This web is the is only the collection of Ducks with various sizes and looks.


15. Last Page of Internet

Last Page of InternetThis is the external and divine site which was absolutely costless and useless in the future days of a user, so there is not a necessity of getting into these phases.

Are you get into this website then you will feel irritated by listening towards this site name. By going through the complete session of using this site will make the spoiling of users valuable time.

So now you can go with self-thinking and now decide whether going through this site was useful. You can visit also watch cartoons online for our collection.

16. Sad for Japan

sad for japanThis gameplay will depend entirely on the cursor moving and the through the observation that the way of moving user will get the appearance of the home page with a creative look in the middle of the space picture displayed in the web portal.

Japanese most using this web site because of not having awareness about the benefits and uses on this page.


17. Make everything OK

make every thing okThis is the duplicate website of a formal and original portal and this was copied the pattern, structure, procedure, and way of usage of the portal in Making everything OK.

As the main task user is going to be in the situation of the dilemma of any matter then the treatment through psychological session is mandatory as a first and foremost task.

But sometimes online web portal will create the presence of those professional usages under privilege. Get into the portal by making the address as given below in Google search box.

18. Download RAM

download moreramAs coming to the section of RAM, there is no choice of including the memory over Downloading from an online portal.

This site is just for wasting valuable time of users by giving the advertisement over the channel as beneficial manner.

Unknown people, those who are not having the perfect knowledge about RAM will feel like a truth and get into the page.

The downloading session will start by choosing the downloading option and will continue till 100 percent then display the image as successful completion.

But this is just picture showing case, there is no availability of extending the memory portal in originally Installed RAM. Known people will reject the page by looking towards the website title.

19. Patience is Virtue

patiency is avirtueThe website used the common quote which will impress the candidates those who are delicate and sensitive.

By showing the title of the page, the user will start the designation over the page and try to know the matter which was present inside the page.

Patience is Virtue is common fact but the login to this portal will not result in a useful manner. You can check out your web portal listed words whether it is good or not by entering the address of web page as mentioned below.

20. Is My

is my coputerThis is the title given with different name and the use of this portal visiting will be zero and the resulting task will be nothing to show by the web page.

This will check the status of your website and your currently using PC device and will notice the alert as danger alert but this is not well and perfect way of accessing the errors of a computer device.

So you can see ever site have something different and unique variation which make it amazing.


So, friends, this is all about taking me to a useless website please 2020, If you know more about this then please tell us, If you find any new take me to a useless website please share with us,

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