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Fix this copy of windows is not genuine build 7601 in windows 7

Friends, the this copy of windows is not genuine build 7601 windows 7 ultimate fix guide hope you are searching. Fixing the copy of windows 7 is an imperfect and not genuine build 7600 will get occurred as  in computer devices for few times going the user running the system.

This is a rare incident occurred which was considered into the section of error such as displayed as a this copy of windows is not genuine. Mostly windows 7 soft ware used candidates are usually going to get the problem like this. This error will coincident with the device while the user has gone through duplicate copy of windows otherwise the error may occur when users get into the period of expiry of windows software installation process.

During these two errors, customers will get the problem as copy of windows fixing is not an genuine thing. From these situations, whatever may be the met of error then this problem will erases. This will struck up the running system at the stage of start up and will automatically display the matter as windows is not an genuine, then the screen colour will appear as black within few minutes of time.

If this problem happen at first time, then user can them self solve the problem by inserting the CD into the session of erasing the errors by updating the installed soft ware version. Otherwise using crack over the software which was not genuine through CD insertion but this is an temporary level of solving the problem.

how to Fix this copy of windows is not genuine in windows 7 build 7600

This copy of windows 7 is not genuine build 7600/7601 Error 

Even by erasing the error with these methods, user will be able to see the alert as windows is not genuine as repeatedly. Then at the stage of peaks users need to go through these steps and stop the problem with permanent and perfect solution. Our main target is to reach the persons those who are struggling with the not aware of the information related to how to fix the error in windows 7. We are always here to get the updated details which concern to the operation of computer devices daily with various information by describing the portal of problem and making the steps for perfect solution.

Once the error message get on the screen of desktop, then make a choosing over the foremost and first step for erasing the problem. If you made the delay over this issue, then slowly the system made into the session of late loading and decreases the loading capacity as less stage.

Now coming to different situation that sometimes users was struck up with the procedure without came into an ending with successful finishing. Even you gone through installation few times they will forgot to make the activation once it get installed. If not, then again there is a chance to get problems with trouble shooting method. So make the awareness about entire process and get the solution perfectly without missing even a single step.

This is easy and understandable process for every computer user and there is no difficulties over this problem erasing process. So all kind of people those who gone through this problem can note the steps and follow them.

This copy of windows 7 is not genuine build 7600

Steps to fix this copy of windows is not genuine build 7601

By showing the error message as this windows copy is not genuine then user immediately take a step forward for solving the problem. If you are not deserved the knowledge that ht to fix the copy of windows 7 is not genuine then go with these steps carefully and get the information for practical appearance.

There no necessity of knowledge and educational strategy to get into self service over this problem.  We hope the online users gone through details and step by steps procedure and got awareness regarding the details which are described to have easy awareness over this problem. So any computer user can get rid from this trouble whatever may be their status of study and qualification in education, but this was very easy to access. By looking the images and the steps everyone who have been signed up with our page can easily come to know the procedure and technical method. For better and easy grasping technique we are providing steps with images which are shown exactly same will be got through screen shots.

These images are received from live appearance and collected step by step procedure collectively without missing even a single point from the team of uploads. This is the information which was completely illustrated the problem accurance, Status of requirement of solution, steps to solve the problem and all related information. Hope to have awareness through the read of our information and got into consideration of practical appearance into their computers. This procedure may varied for all software applications where as this process was applicable for windows 7 only. So use the process those who are currently using windows 7 in their personal computers.

How to fix the copy of windows 7 is not genuine?

Method 1:

Step 1:

As a initial step aspirants need to go with start menu and start searching for cmd.exe and the programming language need to enter in search. Then resulted page will appear and now make a right click on cmd.exe for selecting the option as administration. Now the command prompt page will appear on the screen.

Step 1 cmd.exe

Step 2:

This step concern the option as running the administration box, so open command prompt then enter the request as programming language such as SLMGR- REARM and once check out the typed words then send the request. If you gone through any single mistake then the resultant page will not appear and shows as no results. So be care while typing the letters, By giving the perfect input command prompt administration mode was opened that is under the stage of not working.

Step 3:

Now this session concern to Administrator that will appear the box as black colour that shows the command information in programming language. Then after click on enter and that will send the command to execution in programming method.

Step 4:

Now go with execution program and try to get the information that shows the error message and cause then give the details of finishing the errors. Then after it will automatically get executed and gives the message box with the alert as command completed successfully.

Step 4

Step 5:

After finishing the above steps, user will get into restart over the system by getting through default settings and effects as automotive option. Restart the system to have refreshment of operation of device now it will start functioning with refreshed data.

This content was more useful to the persons those who are bought in to the still of windows is not genuine alert into their computer for every second of time. The original team will never support piracy and that will always supports the original and genuine soft ware installation. And there is also huge change in between both piracy version and original version. Please go with original windows that will useful to develop the deserved status of system.

Method 2:

There is also an optional method to solve this problem in windows where as the process will entirely belongs to control panel interference. This error is usual problem in windows 7 that will shown the alert as error also will suggest for fast recovery of problem to the users. By going through the installation of original soft ware, There is an presence of compatibility, Security, and many more at once in to the device. Microsoft will be more supportive and up to date to give the information about changed steps which will take less time and consumes less data.

Step 1:

Go with start menu from desktop home page and select control panel from the menu.

control panel

Step 2:

Go with windows update which was mentioned as sub options list under control panel section and the option will be appear at bottom of the section.

Step 3:

Then choose Installed updates to explore the list of windows updates. By going through the points made under windows updates and get awareness about all these events.

Step 4:

Search for update as KB971033 and make the choosing of option as uninstall by making the click on un install option.

update as KB971033


This is an genuine and usual problem that was faced by many users and especially for the user of fake and piracy windows updates through the insertion of CD. Go following any of these methods carefully, user will get the system installed with refreshed options and new functionality. Then after successful attempt of all these methods user will get rid from the problem of windows was not genuine error in windows 7.

So we are mostly prefer the selection of this method to avoid the errors over the device. The buying process and installation can also be easy to make yourself by ordering the software updated bit which has been titles as windows 7 home premium SP1 64 bit which is only supportive to windows 7.

By the selection of original and genuine products such as DVD, CD and product key which are essential to download the activated options over a period of time with refreshment in installation procedure. Hope now windows 7 build 7600 this copy of windows is not genuine how to remove doubt is cleared.

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (code 43)

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