Top 15 Secure Random Password Generator Tools For PC and Android


Everyone knows that Random Password Generator tools are really very useful. It is important for the users to create a strong password to keep their accounts and the information safe. Whatever you are concerned of, whether it is online privacy, secure and safe browsing or whatever it is, generating a strong password plays a major role and it is very much important as technology is advancing.

Creating the passwords manually sometimes can be effective and sometimes not. It is also a time-consuming process for creating your own unique, hardly guessed and easily remembered password also you may not achieve the desired result. So, how to create the random password easily and effectively?? If this is your question, you are at the right place.

            Random Password Generator tool

Top 15 Random Password Generator Tools For PC and Android

After share about stream movies online free sites now we are talking other collection. Here we have come up with some top random password generator tools for PC and Android. One can make use of these awesome tools and generate a strong random password in just a few seconds. They not only generate the random passwords but also help you to get the easily pronounceable passwords too.

Many of these tools are free to use as well as safe too. However, if you want to use additional features, some tools ask you to pay for it. It is up to you to use free or paid versions of those tools for generating the random passwords.

What are you looking for?? go through the list of top 15 random password generator tools for PC and Android here and use any of them you want.

  1. Password Inventor

This is a password generator tool for the windows which does not require any installation. One can choose from the available three options and they are simple, pronounceable or pattern passwords. Users will have the chance to generate either a single password or list of passwords which they can save or copy them.

Among the three password options, the pattern is one of the powerful features through which you can decide which symbol or character they can use along with its position in the password.

Password inventor

  1. Password Bird

It is a secure and easy to use password generator which helps you to create a strong effective password. This tool will ask you few questions and will try to know the favorite date or special name etc and based on that information, it will generate an easily remembered and secure password which contains alphabets and numbers.

Password Bird

  1. PWGen

It is a free to use, secure and windows password generator tool. It has many features which include many options for encrypting, decrypting and clears the clipboard so that no content will be intercepted when copying the passwords from this tool. It also gives an option of PassPhrases which makes the easier passwords for remembrance.


  1. Random Password Generator

Random Password Generator is one such tool which is capable of generating the basic random passwords and easy to use. It is completely free of cost and it can create or generate random passwords for any kind of application or sign-ins.

Users can make use of numbers, symbols, and letters and much more for creating the passwords. To meet the specific needs of the application, you can customize the password as you want. It is an android password generating tool and also available in the online.

Random Password Generator

  1. Password Generator

This tool is available for Windows and is free to use. This application does not require any installation and it is a lightweight tool. Users have to just run the tool, select from any of the 15 languages that are present in it and click F5 for generating the list of passwords.

You can save those passwords to a text file i.e., .txt file.  It has a password check feature which will check if the password is secure or not.

Password Generator

  1. Passera

This tool is available for Android devices but the users need to do a third-party download as the app is not available in the Google Play Store. This app helps you to create a strong and lengthy password which is big as 64 characters. They are not easy to guess or track but easy to remember.

For various sign-ins and for various apps, you can create various types of passwords without any hassle. The passwords will be displayed on the app screen and can also be copied and saved to the clipboard without any hassle.


  1. SecureSafe Pro Password Generator

This is a random password generator tool available for windows which allows the users to generate unique as well as random passwords very fast. Users have to download this application for free of cost and start using it to generate the passwords in just a few clicks. It can also test the entropy along with the strength of the password.

It is having the easy-to-understand user interface and this application can generate nearly 100,000 unique passwords in just one click. The passwords that are generated out of it can be a length to a maximum of 99 characters and they are pronounceable too. The passwords that are generated by this tool are easy to remember too.

SecureSafe Pro Password Generator

  1. Password Creator

Password creator is not only a password generator tool for android but it also works as a password manager. One has to use the master key for accessing the app as well as all the saved passwords.

It helps the users to personalize their passwords by giving the control to you on how to use the numbers, letters, and symbols. The maximum length of password it can generate is 25 characters and not more than that. But the generation of the password is very quick and free.

Password Creator

  1. Quicky Password Generator

This is a windows application that can generate random passwords and this application is available for free. It is a basic password generator and one can generate passwords securely even without the advanced options.

This allows the variable length passwords that range from 4 to 20 characters which make it unique from other tools.

Quicky Password Generator

  1. Hash it!

It is another free to use as well as open source tool available in Google Play store as well as F-Droid. It does not have any ads and gives the cross-platform support. Users can also add Password Hasher extension for their Firefox or else the Password Hasher Plus private key extension for their Google Chrome. One can use it without any hassle.

Hash it

  1. PassworG

This tool is available for the windows and free to use. When the users require particular characters for their passwords, this tool will not limit them to checkboxes of various options.

Users can give their input in the form of allowed characters for creating readable and unique passwords. In order to check the strength of the password, this random generator tool is having a special feature in it.


  1. Secure Random Password Generator and Manager

It helps the users to the secure random password easily. Users can download this random password generator tool for free for Windows PC. This can generate much more secure and safe password with the personal customization.

It also comes with a free password manager application for managing various online passwords much easier.

Secure Random Password Generator

  1. Password Boy

This is a random password generator which works both online and offline. Available for windows and it is free application. Just you need to bookmark that tool if you want the online tool and you can generate secure passwords whenever you want it. Users who are willing to use the tool in the offline can download it and use it for generating the passwords.

Password Boy

  1. WinTinker Password Generator

This is one of the only generator tools that is having a feature of replacing the characters with the symbols for generating secure as well as random passwords at free of cost. There are many options for generating the passwords through the tabs Random, Web, Encrypted and users can generate the password based on their necessity.

WinTinker Password Generator

  1. Free Password Builder from Bitmill

Bitmill is having a free password builder tool through which the users can generate the random passwords very easily as well as quickly. This is a free password builder tool through which users can select their own character set of uppercase or lowercase alphabets,

Punctuations and numbers. Once the users allot the desired length of the password, they can click on the button “generate password” and this tool will generate the secure strong password for the user in just few seconds.

Free-Password Builder from Bitmill


All these are the top 15 random password generator tools. Some are available for Windows and some are available for Android devices. There are also few cross-platform and online applications that help the users in generating the random passwords they want for the various applications and the online accounts.

Users can make use of these best random password generator tools and generate the passwords they require without any hassle in seconds. This makes the work of the user very easy and saves lots of time for them.

So, get to know about these best tools and try any of them for your purpose. Hope, this would be the best guide for finding the random password generator tools and applications.

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