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These days, the usage of the internet has become extremely popular among the people all over the world. So many our fans asking us about Private Internet Access Download.

The Government is encouraging all the people regarding the usage of the internet and other online sources.

There are some restaurants and other public places wherein we can make use of free public Wi-Fi.

In order to use these services, the users need to have a password. But, the users need to ensure that they are using secure internet connection or WiFi so as to browse the net.

Private Internet Access is the best service that allows the users to encrypt their connection with much ease. It also enabled the users an anonymous IP address so as to ensure the protection and security of your privacy.

The users can easily browse the internet and acquire other services in an anonymous way using the hidden or concealed IP address.

Also, the users can get the best Wi-Fi security services using the Private Internet Access service.

If you are seeking to acquire the best protection for your privacy, all you need to do is make use o the Private Internet Access.

It provides the best virtual private network for all the users. Here is everything you need to know about Private Internet Access and learn the process of downloading it. Have a look!

 Private Internet Access Download

Private Internet Access Service (VPN)

The Private Internet Access is the best service available for all the users to encrypt the internet connection. This service enables you to use anonymous internet protocol so as to secure your privacy through multi-layered security.

The users can acquire all these services using the advanced privacy protection with the VPN tunnelling services.

In fact, these Private Internet Access VPN services offered to all the users so as to provide the ability to operate the internet on different electronic devices like smartphones and computers.

The users can make use of the pre-existing technology already integrated on your device. All these services are actually functioned at the TCP or IP interface level.

It means that the apps that you use on your smartphone work perfectly with complete security and protection.


Using this Private Internet Access, the users could acquire protection to their web browser. In addition,

The users can also secure some of the apps on their smart devices using this Private Internet access with much ease. The users need to create a new single Private internet access VPN account on their device.

This account will aid the users so as to connect to more than 5 devices at a time without any difficulty. This means that, you can start using 5 devices like computer, laptop, iPad, smartphone and other devices at a time without any hassle.

The main drawback of this Private Internet access is that this service provider doesn’t provide free trial services for the users.


Features of Private Internet Access

Here are some of the best features of Private Internet Access service for all the users who are seeking for secure internet connection:

· By downloading the private internet access, the users can easily acquire access to the secure VPN account.

· This service provides the users to instantly set up the best VPN tunnel.

· There are no traffic logs using this private internet access.

Features of Private Internet Access

· The private internet access works on more than 3094 servers in about 24 countries.

· At a time, you can make use of 5 devices using the best VPN tunnel.

· You can make use of secure and encrypted Wi-Fi services using this private network.

· It comes in support with the US VPN tunnel P2P and VoIP address.

· This service offers unlimited bandwidth for all the users.

· One of the best features available on this program is IP cloaking. It allows the users to change the IP address to Private Internet access IP address so as to hide it from others.

Private Internet Access Compatibility

This Private Internet Access service is compatible with various operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 platforms.

As of now, thousands of users have already downloaded this private internet access for all the users.

The Private Internet Access actually belongs to the category of security tools. Despite being a free PC program, the developers have actually designed it to operate it on various Windows versions such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

Also, this internet access is only compatible with 32-bit operating system. The users can easily download this service on their device and make sure that there is some more storage space on the device.

This internet access program requires 58.6M MB of hard disk space on their device. The current latest version of this Private Internet Access program is 1.0.

The users can easily download this program using the built-in antivirus feature available on this program. Also, you need not have to worry about the malicious malware entering your device through this program. In fact, the London Trust Media Incorporation has designed and developed this Private Internet Access program for all the users.

What’s best about Private Internet Access?

Using this program, the users can easily conceal their IP address. In addition, this program lets you to encrypt the traffic on the internet and enables you to connect to different blocked apps and other websites using this unlimited virtual private network.

The Private Internet access program has the ability to unblock the unnecessary content for the users with much ease.

Some of the best features available on this program include encryption of network traffic, changing the IP address, connecting to different blocked websites and apps on the internet.

Using the Private Internet Access program, the users can acquire high-speed internet access with unlimited bandwidth.

Areas to be improved

In fact, the Private Internet access is an excellent program with the best features and services offered to all the users. But, there is one and only one limitation on this Private Internet Access program.

It is, this program is not available to the users for free of cost. There is no free trial version available on this program for all the users.

How to Download Private Internet Access for Android & iOS Devices?

The Private Internet Access program is available for all the users on different platforms. This program supports the users to download it on Android platform.

The current latest version of this Private Internet Access program is 1.3.2. Sometimes, it differs with the version of the device.

Apart from Android platform, the Private Internet Access program is also available to download on different iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and other devices.

Download-Private-Internet Access for Android

The users can download this program from the Apple iTunes app store. For iOS devices, the current latest version available for all the users is 2.1.2. The users can download it and use it in different languages such as Chinese, Dutch,

Thai and a lot more. This program provides Voice over support to all the users with enhanced app accessibility feature. There is a standard automatic location setting feature available on this program.

Private Internet Access for iOS Devices

This app recently updated on 17th March 2017 for iOS devices. The size of this 2.1.2 version of Private Internet Access program is 6.2 MB.

This app is compatible with iOS 8.0 and above versions of operating system. Check out the easy steps to download and install Private internet access for the iOS device:

  1. First of all, navigate to the official app store of iTunes.
  2. You need to login on to Apple app store using your id and password.
  3. After successfully logging onto Apple Store, the users can then hit the download button on this web page.
  4. You can simply complete the downloading process using the on-screen steps.

Private Internet Access for Android

The Private Internet Access app is available to download from the Android’s Google Play Store app store marketplace. Follow the below steps:

· First of all, you need to go to Play Store marketplace.

· Just hit the download button of Private Internet Access program from the app store.

· Just follow the on-screen instructions so as to complete the installation process of Private Internet access program on your Android device.

Conclusion :

This is the easy process to download and install Private Internet access on your Android and iOS device for free of cost. You can now use secure internet on your device.

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