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15 Offline music apps to listen music without internet

Good news for music lovers, here we are about to list out the Offline music apps accessible with sweet music through offline mode. Mostly the users can get offline music by below apps within less period only. Music gives the relaxation to mind and heart to get rid of tensions and worries.

A huge number of people loved to spend the time with music without getting any disturbance. Love with music, live music, spend with music. All music lovers can get access through any of these applications and made the implementation safe.

offline music apps

15 offline music apps to listen to music without the internet

Enjoy the Music and have entertainment. If you don’t know about how to find best app don’t worry from below collection you can pick any app from listed ones and have a downloaded copy on your mobile phones. These all are famed apps in music department used in cell phones.


Deezer is a music app implemented in 2007 by single business type, and the founder of Deezer app are Daniel France and Jonathan Benassaya. This is a music service allowed for the users to listen to music and record the songs. There are nearly 40 million tracks are licensed under Deezer application.

Deezer Features

  • In the list of Deezer library. More than thirty thousand channels are activated with 6 million subscriptions.
  • Deezer will be accessible to for Android, HDX, Blackberry, OS X, iOS, Kindle Fire and Windows Phones.
  • This is a popular MP3 audio quality app related to music.
  • This will get access the permission for reading sensitive log data, delete applications, power devices and retrieve the running applications.
  • Users can forward the songs to other users by selecting the send option.


2. Spotify

Spotify operating with the application belongs to digital music with a tag line of Music for everyone. Millions of users get accessed to listen to the music with Spotify. using Free Music Downloader Apps you can downlod mp3 songs form this iste.

Spotify Features

  • Every initial user task is to download the app and gets add the songs to the album of Spotify.
  • Music is positive vibe which can control the accessing of tensions in daily life.
  • This app with digital way concerning the listening of music.


3. Microsoft Groove

Microsoft Groove is mostly using application, which can have best options and features. There is also an option called downloading the songs from retail sites. This is mostly using music app for all mobiles with best sounds.

Microsoft Groove Features

  • Each app consists of their logo for symbolic representation.
  • Users can download the Microsoft Groove app from Google play store only.
  • Rating customization is in between three to four.
  • This is incompatible app functions with all various devices.
  • This is one drive app access through MP3 music.
  • This application has been a part of Microsoft Corporation.
  • Privacy policy term and conditions apply to Microsoft Groove app.

Microsoft Groove

4.Google Play Music

Google Play Music is oldest among all the applications producing best Music. There is an availability of 50000 songs collection at a device. This is cool and cold play system, available with download app.

Google Play Music Features

  • It can be accessible to Android users.
  • You can upload iTunes through windows media.
  • Listen to Music in iOS Android mobiles.
  • You can go with new music Google play app once get expired.

Google Play Music

5.Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud is a music app with tag line hear the world music. This is offline music app working through online services. This is the music app developed by Germany people in 2007.

Sound Cloud Features

  • 40 million users are registered, and 175 million people are listening without an individual account.
  • There are more than 300 employees working for this app.
  • This is the company organizing under private sector.

Sound Cloud


Pandora station can play the songs continuously by selecting the songs with combined item. To men menu grid, users can add or remove the songs as per the interest. Pandora will access the user with each individual account.

Pandora Features

  • The most played list will get appear at a corner of application for one more tie play.
  • From the online retailers, Pandora users can purchase the song if they want.
  • There are couple of subscription plans will get advertised such as a free subscription and appliance related to home computer.
  • Technology using in Pandora is basically open Laszlo.


7.Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is top most music application plays without internet. User can easily get access with their favourite songs. Creating Custom station is additional feature available in Slacker Radio. You can try also Song Music Identifier app for better experience.

Slacker Radio Features

  • This is a type of application, subscribed under music.
  • It is free and used by million number of users.
  • In this app, slacker Radio will have separate artists and listening options.
  • This is one of the free offline Radio Music application.
  • Slacker application can get download from official login to social media sites like face book and twitter.
  • This is one of the music store to listen the music.

Slacker Radio

8.iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio is heart music radio hosted with custom stations. This is biggest and major platform of music listeners. This is US based users application which can have advanced features.

iHeart Radio Features

  • It can collect more than 18 million songs and four lakh artists music at one app.
  • Stop sharing and have a initiation to listen the music.
  • This is free to download and applicable for android mobile users.

iHeart Radio


Tidal is an free music app referred for all ios and android users. It can play with high quality and definition for music and video. Tidal offers the option to build the albums with bunch number of songs at one place.

 Tidal Features:

  • Create albums, tracking, playlists and artists options as favourite.
  • This is best music application with quality in sound and highly adorable.
  • Tidal publish the latest details and upgraded news through social sites like twitter and face book.


10.Wynk Music

Wynk Music is offline music app for free to all android mobile users. Wynk Music users will have a good collection of cost free music and songs. There is also available option for searching needed song in the app.

Wynk Music Features 

  • You can keep separately of old, new, love and devotional songs.
  • Wynk Music accessible for miscellaneous languages such as Malayalam, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil and Gujarati.
  • Wynk music is registered application under Google play store.
  • This is MP3 and Hindi songs playing music App.
  • Throughout India and international level, 2.6 million collection can be accessible at a time through Wynk Music.
  • More music lovers are get accessing through app with good top rating.

Wynk Music


Saavn is most popular and oldest music application used by music lovers. It can access Few languages such as Bollywood, Tollywood, English and Hindi regional music. Presence of Online search for radio and music download.

Saavn Features

  • This is an American digitalized technology accessible under Music world.
  • From 2007, it can go through download and now used by million users.
  • Firstly, Saavn was initiated at New York city spreads over 200 countries.
  • Song Map ad browsing options will be made available at the top of Saavn music site.
  • Weekly Top new released Movies songs will get listed at left corner.
  • Saavn request everyone to sign up with the application.
  • Fourteen to fifteen languages songs will be get accessed through Saavn app.
  • Pick your favourite song and play perfectly with well mix.



Gaana application concern the listening music. Offering free download and offline mode of selection of bunch number of songs. Get a title of song at top to better visibility and make the evidence of related song.

Gaana Features 

  • You can get access through the songs anywhere and anytime.
  • This is oldest classic regional music downloading app used with few languages.
  • Pick out favourite song and have a click on it.
  • Listen the music with Gaana app and enjoy the quality.
  • It will get update automatically with new options regularly.



Napster is providing nice quality  for their users. Million of songs, List of new releases and no ads gathered together at one place called Napster. Search Music Match and Play Instantly with filtration from great collection. Listen the Music offline and Play the songs respectively.

Napster Features

  • All Smart phone users can get into the app for selection listening music.
  • Downloading the app from Google Play Store.
  • Free offline Music Downloading APP accessed to all Users.


14.Hungama Music

Hungama Music application lets going to stream the world with top place. Download the song from online to offline Hungama App. You can say it Saavn Alternative.

Hungama Music Features

  • It considered the operation with Pro Subscription at inside.
  • Hungama can play the videos without internet.
  • User can Put airplane mode in case of un mute.

Hungama Music

15.Apple Music

Apple Music  is one rising app among the Music apps used in APPLE and iPhones. Recently Launched application for music and audio.

Apple Music Features

  • The features are going to be similar like Spotify.
  • Only Apple iPhone users can get access with the application to listen the music.

Apple Music

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