15 Top Best NexTorrent and Torrent 9 Alternative Sites 2019


You are the one struggled to list out Best Torrent Sites 2019? Then this is the right and perfect platform to close up the page with correct information. We are now going to list out the places of each torrent such as top NexTorrent and also Torrent 9 Alternative 2019 with serial numbers. To view the status and compatibility of each site, you can go through given information under each torrent site heading.

This list has been updated recently by considering the functionality and features of each torrent with average upgrading. These are useful to possess limited denotion to the sites than estimated with restricted data. For every year, the possessed place of each torrent will get changes with variation of place with few translation.

Till now we are going through previous allocation, and now it is going to change with simple considerations of each torrent. As we are continuing the long ago appeared optimization, we need the change for this academic year as instantly.

Number of various Torrents sites have been made closed in this year while going through the observation of previous years. By the new initiators, current year Top List of Best Torrent Sites 2019 have been came out and under processing by the users.

In starting days of 2019 year, torrent has looked as quite varied from remaining and as per previous year. By disclosing the Torrent named Kickass, Couple number of players have been left away.

NexTorrent and Torrent 9

USE :- So we are making the suggestion for candidates to please go through these given torrents and have read on given information then make the decision which one is preferable.

This is an binary file includes meta data and files with piece wise information and also contains the scroll of number of trackers. Torrent with encoded dictionary is follows various keys such as length, announce, files, info, name, pieces, piece length, path.

This is completely programming based tracker with background initiation of language. Both single file and multiple files will get accessed in each torrent with successful made of cutting. It will make the work with good well operation and going on with successful quite from couple of years.

Some of comparision of torrents will get coincident with few similar features as listed below. We are making the list of complete information of top makers list which can help the functionality good and better in successful endings. These are best and mostly used torrent website which will get visited from the starting days of every year.

The basic consideration of traffic reports will be under top ranking of each torrent and includes the report of last year. There are two extensions will takes place named as Draft extension and Distributed extensions. Whereas draft extensions are under the list of standardization and distributed extensions are under support to hash tables distribution.


  • It will be used to make the good speed with limited downloading capacity.
  • Speed uploading will get accessed through asymmetrical support.
  • Bandwidth and period will not be constant and not get accessible.
  • The protocol address of Torrent will get distributed further.
  • The distributed file will classified with small information.

15 Top Best NexTorrent and Torrent 9 Alternative Sites 2019

Whatever may be the situation, but their fixed places have been made filling with newly implemented with new look and new appearance. Torrent operation is an constant file fixed in every computer or device which is the combination of meta data and the derivation was stated by distribution system.

Generally list of various Torrents are get located with neat trackers and helps the participants to make their presence in the system and also very efficient with neat distribution.

4.Extra torrent
5.KickAss Torrents
6.Bit Snoop
12.Torrent Hound
14.Lime Torrents
15.Sumo Torrent

Some of the users will maximum get a query that, what are the features we need to check while operating a computer with a specified torrent? and which was is safe to use and work out without any disturbance.

The below listed Torrents are basic torrents which are mostly activated with neat communication. The URL address for torrent will be given as .torrent and the basic internet system used by the torrents will be application/x-bittorrent. After share about Best Weird Websites hope this best torrent sites’s post you will enjoy.

best torrenting sites

1. Rarbg

rarbgRarbg Torrent has been listed at 6385th rank under the analysis of eBiz MBA records and the estimated number of unique visitors for this torrent will be nearer to 19 lakhs.

The Compete rank for Rarbg will be 11 thousand seven twenty four. Various Organizations has been made different ranks. In some analysis, Rarbg took good rank and in few analysis it has been transmitted to last level.

Features of Rarbg:

Usually at first, begin as Bulgarian tracker where as the hearts have been gained and the related minds under the list of various number if video pirates.

  • Few shows like Movies, TV Programmes have been tagged with usual sight with an another torrent index called as well site.
  • This Torrent has been founded in 2008 and made the first in appearance from 2015 and charges the place with decreasing order to current year.

2. Thepiratebay

The piratebayThepiratebay of the users may get doubt whether it will be just suitable or not? Now check out the status of piratebay and come to conclusion with your own decision only. If it is currently down, the capability of solving the problems with greater connectivity. The domain name has been updated and the assigned URL will be as mentioned below.



  • Now it is online server regularly which has been listed recent consideration only.
  • Users can get accessed through given URL and the server will get connected easier by scrolling the pointer towards down section.
  • From long ago, various IP address have been changed along with the pattern of corresponding domain.

3. Torrentz

TorrentzTorrentz the recent considerations done through server developers, Torrentz has been taken a place under the list of online and the URL has been specified as mentioned below. If the user never connect to the Torrentz site, then they will not be eligible to get the site and they are under the consideration of just down side list.



  • Http response headers will be moved permanently with stated address and transfer the encoding as chunked status.
  • As per last update done through online analysis, the estimated number of unique monthly users will be placed at 17 lakhs 50thousand.
  • Alexa Ranked the Torrents as three thousand place level.

4. Extra torrent

Extra torrentExtra Torrent is one among the largest Torrentz sites, across the world and as per latest consideration done by the server developers, extra torrent has been taken a place under down side list.

As per 2013 scale potential, it has been one among the most connected site and the history has been changed with great return and also changes the domain as .com for cc users. It was failed to keep constantly the position at top level and trying the level best to come again with previous stage.


  • If the connectivity of extra torrent was not found, then go for another accessibility under the list of top torrent sites.
  • Once the change in domain address, there is also occurrence of change in IP address with small changes.
  • You can get the solution for the question why extra torrent was offline? There may be a chance of blocking the page or may be a chance to scroll down with limited bandwidth.

5.KickAss Torrents

KickAss TorrentsKickAss situations may occur the abbreviation as KAT and this is a general torrent web site which has been started service from 2008. It will deliver various torrent files and get magnified attachments to for peer to peer file connection by using Bit Torrent Protocol. Then again the site was get updated in 2009 and quickly missed the name under the list of top torrent sites.



As original status, The torrent site was stated with assigned domain of kat.ph and changes the occupation with kickass.to.was.

  • After few years, it has been get blocked in various states such as UK, Italy and many more.
  • If it is currently not yet down side, then the right now position of this torrent will be scroll down and make the solve of problem with neat update.

6. Bit Snoop

Bit SnoopBit Snoop is the most featured and popularized torrent site with large number of directory files or with the accumulation of million files at one place. It has been placed therank at eight position under best torrent downloading sites in with recent considerations.

It can host a huge useful file and can alos erase the files instantly within the usage of Trojan.  The usual dependence of the site will be under community system whereas the users can get access with sharing with files which are downloaded from the web site.


  • It can be used within the team itself and get famous in all best top torrents site list.
  • Go through the address and enter the URL of Bit snoop as written below and follow the instructions which are essential to follow while going through the operation of current page.
  • The expected number of unique visitors per every month has been reached to 27 lakhs and more than that.
  • This has been listed under Most popularized Torrent sites.

Throughout the usage of Bit snoop torrent site, the user can easily get download the games for pc, mobile phones, HD Movies, PSP, HD Video players and many more.

Every feature of Bit snoop was well and good but the status of pop up will get delayed within single step. It has a large data base and the quality, nature will be good level as considering the status of latest consideration.

7. Idope

IdopeIdope is an official applications and taken a place under top list of torrent sites. The official URL address will be similar as specified below and the ranking will be varied for different users and as per different server analysers.

You can rank your own destination with fixed rank and make the appearance good with neat defination. Each Idope site of every PC user will be available to login to the page with individual user ID and the initial application get used with specified login user details only.


  • There is an option called feedback will be permitted to the login users which will help the users to list out the points which has advantage and which has disadvantage.
  • Recently more than seven hundred number of Alexander’s will get into the web page and still make the continuation with the increasing order.
  • This has been picked out from the research of Idope android list specified under same title.
  • This can be helpful only to find the identity with excellent search engine referral.

8. IsoHunt

IsoHuntIsoHunt has been placed under the index of online torrent sites with screen shot in .png format. The Isohunt torrent site was starts functioning from 2016 and the establishment was done by Gary fung. The optimal registration has been done perfectly and the mandatory functioning of Isohunt will be uploading the accessed information with well and good endings.

The available site information and appearance will be through English language only. It has been structured its set up and building with cluster absence by various features such as 34 Opteron cores and 70GB of RAM memory.

Installation of thirty plus hard drives accomplished with 15000 RPM. The network initiation will be connected to D-Link switch with huge number of failure steps bunched together.


  • The force10 switch will get moved towards the initial step to make the wake up of high speed with average data usage.
  • The cardinal usage under top torrent site list was specified below with picture perfect accessibility and launching the specification with huge release.
  • For every year, the status of corresponding torrent site will get changed and the list may modified with neat picture usage.

It has been make the official announcement for launching cpin site and hexagon appearance through official order made by the developers.


YifyTorrentsYifyTorrents ninth important feature of Yify torrents are as stated below and mentioned the URL address as specified below. It was 3 years old launched Torrentz site and the sudden appearance of boosting the status will get under popularized list even along with neat and best ranking with huge number of download sites.

This consideration was done under 2016 analysis and made the changes takes place with neat and perfect recognization. It can make the list of index with huge data base systems which are delivered from torrent sites, these torrentz sites are available as torrents and torrentdb and more.


  • The few features accomplished with Yify torrent will be made with high quality and the playing list of high quality movies and audios will be listed under safe list.
  • The neat and suitable features for Yify torrents will be face book, Chat area and many more like social media web sites.
  • The fixed administration of best torrent site will get downloaded which will be free of pay and no need of official payment.

Alexa has been ranked the Yify torrent with 30 lakhs plus estimation of monthly unique visitors, The compete rank will be near to 5ooo plus ranking and the analysis of all the developers will be done with considerations of eBizMBA only. The corresponding Yify Torrentz site will make the appearance for current using site if the user will get supported to the corresponding IP address.

10. 1337X

1337X1337X is most best popularized torrent site which has the title different than compared to remaining torrent sites. The traffic communication will come from the states users such as UK and others.

Various organizations ranking list will be as given such as 6000 plus for eBiz, 17 lakhs more for estimated unique visitors score, 14 thousands plus for compete rankers,3500 plus for quantcast Rank. For more over few analysis such as 1000 plus Raking through Alexa consideration and the analysis has been listed as per recent updated information only.


  • In past few years, the issue has been made a wide with few troubles and the several ways of administration was get moderates under the protection of overall security range concern period.
  • Whatever may be the situation, the progression of this torrent site has been made perfect till to year with good features.
  • With neat steps, the traffic general has been grown up and improved the capacity with rolled out design as new initiation.


EZTVEZTV.AG is on 11th place in our Best Torrent Sites list, This is quite different user community of torrent site than going through the comparision of all sites distribution among the analysis session. The true and original TV torrent distribution has been make closer to host the handle up from previous years.

The torrent will get accessed with new users those can be claim the appearance with neat ownership given from the brand accessibility.


  • The newly initiated group has been presently get operated from the URL address of this torrent site.
  • These delivered features get blocked while the same torrent site will get sue with corresponding background.

12. Torrent Hound

Torrent HoundTorrent Hound is one along with best Torrent sites and placed at middle level of initiation which was established from 2007 and ongoing till to this year. The gaining capacity will get popularized with step by step analysation. At present,

The user has big evidence under data bases through neat torrent. At home page, the torrent hound will get initiates the activity of user at various consideration levels such as sum torrent sum seeds, summing the seeds, total trackers, sum viewers, etc.,


  • According to present consideration of huge manner, the pay band per every day will get differentiated with neat design.
  • Through the usage of Torrent Hound, user can get good quality at high speed in order of limited usage of data.

13. BitTorrent


BitTorrent has been made under the list of top popularized torrent sites which was started the service from 2007 and still continues with great traffic interaction and the continuation of gaining intension.




  • Good quality products will get downloaded per every day with great spirit in order to make the raise up of number of visitor per day.
  • The visitors will get the initiation currently with large data usage under every privileged usage.

14. Lime Torrents

Lime TorrentsLime torrent sites have been under construction and running with several previous years with greater popularity done at once. Large data usage will be done with good and base quality with regaining structure under specified position. that why Lime is 14th position in our Best Torrent Sites 2018 list.



  • Various games will get position at first place with various aspects such as gaming section, Music, songs, videos, torrent sites, quality pc structure, applications and other users.
  • The site will get operates with proper launching of torrent cache sites within few days back.
  • It will be greater usage in several aspects along with various search engines under lime torrents.

15. Sumo Torrent

sumo torrentSumo Torrent will be fast and safe usage with perfect launching of great experience done through best torrent site functionality. The experience with future aspects will be greater generated with easy way of downloading.

Things under building of torrent sites will get downloaded through out the year analysis with great innings and great recommendation done by the specific users. Sumo torrent will occupy the consideration of less number of users than compared to previous consideration of best torrent sites.


  • As instant step, The torrent will get relaxation under construction towards downloading the quite operation with great reference.
  • The Index reference will be under 4 million special torrent as additional designation.


The usual standard of torrent will be BEP-0003 and these are necessary Best Torrent Sites features, everyone need to remember. There is no availability of Torrents stored with content distribution and the information of the content files will get stored in the torrent.

Torrent will get integrated by depending on the context present with referred file. General Torrent files will replaced their names as extension and the file structure details will be as shown below.

Bunch number of torrents are get listed under top list of torrent sites, but we are listed best and useful torrents which are better to use. Finally thanks for red about NexTorrent site similar like Torrent 9 Alternative 2019 to get more about top Torrent Sites keep visit.


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