How to Find Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key For Your MS Office


Microsoft Office 2013 is one among the most used versions of the Office by many people to do their daily work on their PC. Without Microsoft Office almost no work is done. Lots of people across the world prefer Office over other alternatives present in the market as it provides best features. Here you can know How to Find Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key and also you can learn how to recover ms office 2013 product key easily. It also gives the convenience for the user to write, edit and use it in a flexible manner which other software’s fail to provide. Many of them say that they love using Microsoft Office and its versions.

One among them is Microsoft Office 2013. There are people who love to use the latest versions and want to change their Office from time to time. For them, who wants to install the Microsoft Office the main problem is that, they are unable to find the suitable product key some times. In order to authenticate the Microsoft Office 2013 installation, the product key issued by the Microsoft is very important and without that user can’t install the office. Do read this post completely to know various options available.

microsoft office 2013 product key

What is a Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key??

Before we come to know about the ways to find the Microsoft Office Product Key 2013, let us know what actually the office product key. With that, it becomes easy for the users to find the product key. Microsoft Office Product Key is known to be a sequence of alphanumeric i.e., a string of alphabets and numbers which is a unique identifier. But, actually what you will find the product key is the encrypted text. But, you also have key finders which do the encryption and give you a valid key through which you can install the office.

ms office 2013 product key

This product key is mainly designed to reduce the piracy of the office and all other services or products linked with that copy of the software. This is done by office software by decoding the sequence and if it genuine, the copy is given authentication. This is the only one software that uses this method and is popular as no other software does this.

But, recently it is known that few Windows versions were also using this same product key system. Also note that windows latest versions come with digital license, so if you find older product keys they would convert it to a digital license some times. So know as you have find out what actually is the Microsoft Office 2013 product key, now we can find various options available for finding out the Office 2013 product key.

  1. Find in Office 2013 Product Key in Few Places

There are many places to find out the Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key that you would have missed. We will just tell the places to locate the key which is one option. So, check the below listed places to find out the product key which would help you out.

What is a Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key??

  • If you are using the Office 2013 purchased by your company, you can check the records of the IT department where you can find the key.
  • If the office 2013 is purchased from online, you can find it online in the receipt or your Email that you would have received from the Microsoft or else from the digital river.
  • If the purchase is made directly with which you received office 2013 in a box having a CD or DVD disc or else in the form of product card, you can find the product key on the back of disc or on the product card or in the manual given to you or on a sticker.
  • If the Microsoft Office 2013 comes with your computer purchase itself, then you can find the key in a printed holographic sticker that is attached to your PC. Make sure that it is a Microsoft Office 2013 product key as the sticker may sometimes contain the product key of the Windows too.

All the options listed above are manual ways to find the product keys. If you can’t find the product key for Office 2013 even after searching for the above-given ways, the check the below method.

  1. Use Third-Party Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key Finders

In this process all that you need to do is, find some topmost software’s which can decrypt and locate the office 2013 product key / code from your computer registry or else from other places. Make sure that you are using the reputed tools / software and the services provided by them will help you out to find out the product key. Some of the best Microsoft Office 2013 product key finders include Magic Jelly Bean KeyFinder, Belarc Advisor Computer Profile and ProduKey.

All these product finders are free to use and they work with different windows operating systems. So before you select the software make sure that, the software works with your OS. So, try using this software to find the office 2013 product key and even if you can’t find it, proceed to below methods.

Find in Office 2013 Product Key in Few Places

  1. Find Product Code on Account Page of Office

This method helps those users who have already registered as well as activated their office 2013 copy. If you are already a existing user and lost your product key, then don’t worry as Microsoft will store that for you and it will show your original office 2013 product code / key. But, in order to view that key you have follow the below given steps.

  1. At first, sign in to the Microsoft Office online.
  2. Then, you just need to tap on the “Install from a Disc”. Based on the process how you have purchased and installed the officer 2013, there is no requirement for you to enter the product key sometimes. Instead of that as said above, click on the button install and do follow the instructions in the process.
  3. On the very next page that you will get on the screen, you have to click on the option “I have a disc” and after that “View your product key”.

Find Product Code on Account Page of Office

Following the above steps would help you find the product key and if that works, you can save the key safely in some place where it will be easy for you to access when you need. With this, you don’t have to repeat the process once again.

  1. Contact Microsoft Support for Replacement

If any of the above listed ways cannot help you to find the Microsoft Office 2013 product key, the final step is to contact the Microsoft for recovering the key. The recovery options that they can support you with are, generating the new code / replacing the key. But, before going to ask the Microsoft support, it is necessary for you to keep the proof of purchase with you if you have purchased the office 2013.

The support of Microsoft will only help you if you have a valid proof of purchase. So, do have a valid proof. Find the best numbers to contact Microsoft via phone or get an online support if necessary. Contacting Microsoft will definitely be helpful to find your product key and they give you the best support.

Conclusion :

These are all the best ways to find or recover the Microsoft Office 2013 product key. We have found these methods helpful and listed here for your reference. So, friends do follow any of these methods and find you the product code when required.

So, if you are unable to access the product key or else if you want to recover the lost cost we have few options. In this post we are going to discuss regarding how to find the Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key, regarding the download and installation process and more in detail. Hope, this guide will help you locate the key for Office 2013 at its best. Keep visiting more about Microsoft office professional plus 2013 product key thanks.


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