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How to make a resume or are you looking for how to write a resume? Then Don’t worry Here we are sharing impressive resume examples with how to create a resume in different sources, It will clear all queries about how to do a resume in word, Notepad, online, in Email. Are you a job seeker? Or Do you want to change your job and start your career in the new field? Well whatever it can be, you need to know how to prepare a resume if you want to attend a job interview.

And here we would help you out with all our suggestions and tips to make a perfect resume that can help you get shortlisted for various job interviews. Here we would be presenting you the resume preparation methods or tips for different kinds of people and for different purposes. So, come with us. Let us have a look at those methods and so that you can make the resume in the way as presented here in various sections and grab an opportunity to attend the job interview.

How to make a resume

Resume – What Does it Mean Actually?

This is the first and foremost thing that many job seekers particularly who are going to start their workforce now should know about. Lots of people have never seen it before. So, it is necessary for them to know what actually the resume is.

The meaning of the Resume can be conveyed in many ways but, we would like to present you the meaning in one simple sentence and it is as follows.

A resume is a document or quick method for job seekers to show the summary of their qualification, skills, and accomplishments to a potential employer.

So, now you may think that putting all your talent’s together in a paper would be sufficient to present yourself to an employer. But, it is not that easy as you think. If you just put all the stuff and make a resume in your own way, you will end up finally with a bad resume. But, your aim is not to prepare a bad resume right? Then, don’t do this.

Your Resume should be outstanding among thousands of summaries that the employers receive and by just by having a glance at it, the employer should call you for an interview. So, try to make your Resume in that manner with our valuable suggestions and tips out there here.

How to make a resume exampl

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Now that you are aware of what resume means, let us start making the resume.


So, are you ready to make a resume now? Then, it is time to set into the game and be ready for an interview now. Making a resume is just like an art and this can make a big difference between getting shortlisted for the job interview or getting lost in the middle itself. To stand out from the crowd, you need to consider it as an art and portray it beautifully.

Know About ATS

It is necessary for the people to know one thing before making the resume. Most of the companies today are using Application Tracking System (ATS) to shortlist the summaries and find the best among them.

Well, you need to know what actually it is so that you can format the resume in a proper way. ATS is software which reads your resume completely and analyzes it for some keywords and based on the matches of your resume keywords with the pre-determined list of keywords that the company chooses the ATS will give you the score.

If you get the better score, you will be shortlisted for the interview. In order to make sure that your resume passes through the software, you need to follow some best practices out there and we have given them here. So, have a look at those practices.

Resume Layout and Formatting:

At first, you need to focus on the layout as well the as formatting of your resume. Don’t mess up with Unorganized and confusing summaries and irritate the recruiter as it will finally end up with ignoring your resume. For a clear layout and format follow below steps.

  • Keep the margins of your resume to ½ to 1 inch on every side of the paper or word. Make sure you meet this and don’t exceed this.
  • Next, keep your font size in between 10 to 12 points and not bigger than that. See, some font styles would look larger in 12 and some look small.
  • So, make adjustments according to your font style but, finally make it readable and also check whether this font can bring the resume to one sheet or not. If it exceeds, try to adjust it but, don’t make it too small.
  • Resume Font Style – It is necessary to present your resume in a professional manner as it is a marketing tool that sells you to a potential employer.
  • So, use a professional font style in your resume completely and few such fonts are, Times New Roman and Serif fonts such as Bodoni MT, Bell MT, Bookman Old Style, Goudy Old Style, Cambria, Garamond, Calibri, and Georgia.
  • All these fonts add the professional look to your resume. Among these, the Serif Fonts are more authoritative and reliable fonts. So, you can use any of these fonts in your resume and make a first impression out of it. Note: Never ever use “Comic Sans” font. This is ridiculous.
  • Spacing is to be included wherever necessary. Especially, in between each section of the resume.

Categorize Your Resume

Now once layout and format are set, you need to categorize the resume that can quickly outline the complete details of you such as your qualification, who you are and what have you done etc. So, make it in a proper format with the sections as given below.

Header part of the resume should include all your personal information such as your full name, email id, phone number and address.

No.1 – Objective Statement –

This is the next section that is to be included on your resume and this should include the summary of your resume. Based on the type of job you are applying you should prepare this.

This section should highlight the value of you to the employer. Complete this in one to two sentences and not more than that.

No.2 – Qualification and Experience –

Here, you need to include all your qualifications or experiences in the reverse chronological order i.e., start with the most recent job or qualification in the first place. Keep qualifications separate from experiences with two different headings.

No.3 – Skills –

Skills are the most important section that will outline or show whether your resume is related to the position that you have applied for. This should include computer skills, language skills, and technical skills or anything that can make you a right candidate for the job.

No.4 – Interests –

This section is not very important to be included in your resume if it is a technical kind of job as they may not consider it. So, it is your interest to include this section or not.

This is how you need to make a perfect resume if you are a fresher who don’t have any knowledge about preparing a resume.

How to Make a Resume 

It is generally known that there are three different types of summaries out there on the market that generally people make use of and they are, chronological, functional and combination (Targeted).

We have given the details of them below. So, have a look at them and can make your resume in any of these formats following the tips of making the resume as given above.

#1 – Chronological Resume –

This is the most commonly used format or layout and in this resume you need to list all your work history in the chronological format i.e., starting with your most recent positions.

Most employers like these kinds of summaries as they can quickly outline your experiences. Apart from this it too includes all other categories listed above. Job seekers who are having the strong working background can make use of this layout to prepare the resume.

#2 – Functional Resume –

This resume will focus or experiences and skills rather than the work history as in chronological format. This a perfect resume for those people, who keep changing their jobs as the employers focus on specific capabilities or skills.

This highlights your actual skills and what you know rather than when you have done it. This is a perfect resume if the roles of the job are responsibilities are given at first itself.

#3 – Combination Resume –

It is the combination of both functional and chronological resume layouts i.e., you can customize the resume with all your experiences and skills along with your employment history. But, here you should not highlight any specific skills.

So, people can make the resume in any of these formats with all the instructions given in the above section.

How to Make A Resume On Word

To make a resume in the Microsoft word, you need to follow the stepwise process give below.

Step-1: At first, click on the Start button on your computer and then go to Programs section of the Start menu that appears.

Step-2: When you move the cursor on the programs, you will get another menu side to it with Microsoft Office in it.

Step-3: Click on the Microsoft Office and there you can see another menu right to it.

Step-4: Next, tap on “Microsoft Word” with 2003 or 2007 that is installed on your computer.

Step-5: Finally, a new window with Microsoft will appear on your computer screen.

Step-6: Start making your resume now. For this, go to “File” menu and there click on “New”. Now, a new menu will open up.

Step-7: There in the menu, Under the TEMPLATES, click on “On my computer…”. After clicking it, a new screen with different options will appear on the screen with various sort of forms. These can be used to make the resume.

Step-8: Now, you need to move the cursor to “Other Documents” tab that appears on the templates screen and clicks it.

Step-9: There, you need to select the “Professional Resume” and then click on “OK” button at the down of the screen.

Step-10: Finally, a sample resume will appear on the screen. By seeing that you can make the resume according to it with few modifications that you want or you can just modify it by adding all your details to it and save it on your computer or take a print out of it.

Good Resume

Adding all the details and making a resume following the instructions in the format is not just enough to make it a perfect or a good resume. To make it look good and outstanding, you need to follow some tips out there that we have collected and presented to you and they are as follows.

  1. Format your resume cleverly with a good layout, use bullets, apply bold, italic or highlight sentences wherever necessary. Also, use bullets and include some call to attention points.
  2. Don’t just give descriptions, instead pick your accomplishments and quantify them.
  3. Change your objective statement with career summary.
  4. Keep everything in the resume short and sweet.
  5. Check the grammatical and spelling mistakes if any otherwise it looks awkward in front of your employer.
  6. Accommodate your resume for the industry.
  7. Include all the important keywords necessary.
  8. Stay focused.
  9. Make it current.
  10. Make it adaptable.
  11. Last but not least make it visually appealing.

How to Make A Cover Letter For A Resume

Before making the resume, you need to make a cover letter of your resume with the help of the following tips or suggestions. Prepare it in a way that people or employer should feel to read it with the help of those suggestions.

· Never repeat the words of the resume as it is in the cover letter of your resume as you will attach this along with resume in the same mail. Make them, at least, glance at the cover letter with some effective words. Use the cover letter to show your interest and curiosity in the field or job that you are applying for.

· Keep the cover letter short. Don’t include big paragraphs. Skip lengthy portions instead keep it short but good.

· Your cover letter should not address anyone as you don’t know whom you are addressing exactly. If you know the person such as hiring manager or recruiter, you can address them in the cover. But, the best thing is to ignore addressing the specific person. Instead of it, you can directly jump into the body of the cover letter and start writing.

· If you are sending it in the Email, you can send it in the PDF format as word files can change the format and look from one computer to other and even the word files will not the be good or professional way.

· Don’t use the sentences like “My name is ___, and I am applying for the position as ____” as this may show your inexperience.

· Close it finally by including how your experience and view of the world will help you to attain the job. Here, you can also include the call to action statements that can finally grab the employer’s attention and make them read your resume. This is the closer and key point. Close it with few words in one or two seconds.

This is how you need to prepare a cover letter for your resume with all your creativity and vision. But, don’t add all the stuff. Keep it small and up to the point.

How to Make A Resume For Job

Till now, we have discussed on how to make a resume, tips, and suggestions for making the resume. But, if you want to get ready for a particular job in your field, the first thing you need to do is make a resume for the job you are looking for.

Here, you need to target on the particular job that you are applying for and based on that you need to prepare your resume. In order to prepare a resume specific to a job, you need to follow some guideline and here we have presented few best guidelines for you to make a resume for a job. So, look at them and make your resume accordingly.

· Try to understand the job that you are applying for clearly and find that it is 100{1c58f48a2ddb7e0ac5829d2826d5168c4ab57ffe68564ee9bb7c08cddcc1fec6} percent relevant for you.

· If you found a job opportunity and if you are making your resume for applying for that particular job then you need to address the opportunity by making it simple for the employers to observe your qualifications that closely relate to the requirements of the job.

· Many recruiters of the companies were not experts in the particular field, they are also not engineers or sales professionals but, they will search for the talent that their job requires.

For this, they will search for the certain or specific keywords in your resume which shows whether a person is qualified for this job opening or not. Those keywords, the recruiters will get from the HR Department of the company and they will search for those keywords in your resume.

If your resume meets those requirements, they will shortlist your resume. So, if you want to grab this chance it is necessary for you to collect those keywords by looking at the job requirements or content of the job posting and include those keywords necessary in your resume in the skills section of your resume.

· You can also add secondary keywords of the job posting if you meet them to further enhance the chance to get the opportunity to get shortlisted.

· Now, as if all the relevant requirements and experiences of the job are in the top of the resume that doesn’t mean that you need to ignore other things. You can also pull out the strengths that can help you be the perfect candidate for this job in the bullet points which also adds a positive impact.

· You can highlight all the skills that can help the job though they are not directly related to them.

· After including all the sections in the resume, finally have a quick review of your resume and also take the help of your friends to review them and ask them to identify if anything is wrong on your resume. If all goes well, you can save it and mail it to the job opportunity you are willing to apply.

How To Make A Resume For Students

As a student, at the end of your studies that last thing you do is start making a resume to get into the workforce through a placement opportunity or through direct recruitment.

As students are new to this, they will start searching for various sources on how to make a resume. But, don’t worry. Here we can help you out with our resume making steps for the students.

Most of the job seekers know that there are mainly three types of summaries and they are a chronological resume, functional resume, and combination resume. For students, it is better to pick the functional resume format always.

This is because it because easier for them to highlight their skills as well as all the related experiences on this kind of resume. Chronological summaries can’t work better for students as they will not have any work experience and if students make a resume in this style it may not impress the recruiters or employers.

So, students should tailor a functional resume using their all experiences from all the areas. Here, we have given few tips for making the students resume. You can make use of those tips and start preparing your resume.

1. Include all your details such as name, phone number and professional email address at the top of the resume.

2. Objective statement should also be included in the topmost section of the page just after your details.

3. Then, you need to break down all your experiences and skills that you have. Keep the most important of the resume like educational qualification at the top of your resume along with the dates of completing etc.

4. If you have any experiences in the particular field, you can also include them along with the educational qualification in a separate heading.

5. You can also add the work that is relevant to your course if you have any which will show up your interest in the particular field. This should be done by adding a separate section highlight it as a course-related work.

6. If you have any technical and computers skills, proficiency in any foreign language or if you have any volunteer work, you can add them all in separate sections with the relevant names.

7. To best emphasize your leadership as well as team roles, you need to use some specific call to action words such as performed, teamwork, executed, organized etc. but this should be genuine usage and not just to meet this purpose.

8. It is better not to include any references on your resume and this is necessary only upon the request, but generally, every employer assumes this.

These are the basic steps on how to make a student resume but, remember that the resume writing will change from one student to another student who has different skills and employment history. So, before you start to look at our tips and customize the resume to meet the job requirements if necessary.

How to Make a Resume with No Job Experience

Those people who are going to make a resume for the first time without any job experience is difficult which is as difficult as getting a job as you need to convince the employer to recruit your or hire you without any job experience.

But, don’t worry it is not impossible too. You can achieve a chance to attend the interview by using your non-job experience to show up the employer that you have the right skills in doing that job.

The way is here. You just, need to follow our valuable suggestions and steps and make a convincing resume for your first job.

Step-1: Start with career objective, showing the abilities or skills that you have and through which you can fill the needs of the job that you have applied for. This should grab the attention of the potential employer.

Step-2: Next, continue with the education section with your schooling and graduation names, year of passing, GPA. You can also extend this section by adding, relevant coursework, Publications, academic awards or honors if any, skills and computer courses etc.

Step-3: After that, you can add the major achievements if any in a separate section such as organized a blood donation campaign, raised funds for the flooded areas in the state etc. This should include all the achievements that you have till now.

Step-4: It is also better if you have lots of skills then include them all in a separate section that. Make the list including all the language, leadership, computer and technical skills that you have achieved or gained. Though you don’t have any work experience, you can show the potential employer that all these skills would make you eligible for this job.

All these sections are enough to complete the resume as a non-job experienced candidate. Keep all this information fit in one single page as you have no experience. Generally, all the fresher summaries would be maximum of one page and not more than that. So, keep it short and up to the point.

How to Write a Resume

Resume writing is not that easy and it requires suggestions to be taken. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have or how well you are qualified if your resume is written badly, you will face the trouble at the interview.

A resume is a marketing tool and it should show that you meet the requirements of the job, you have the right qualification and experience required for the job and that you have the right level of professionalism. So, write it in the following way.

Resume Length – The length of resume depends on the education and experiences you have and there is no specific length of it.

If you are a worker person, better keep the resume within two to three pages and not more and three pages are fine if you have lots of studies as well as work. The more information your resume has, the more it is uninteresting. So, keep only necessary information.

Order Your Resume – Present the details or information in the following way in an order.

1. Contact Information

2. Opening or Objective statement

3. Key Skills List

4. Technical Skills List

5. Educational Qualifications

6. Employment history / work placements / volunteering

7. References/referees (Optional)

Everything in the list need not be included in the resume and even the order of the application can change from resume to resume. But, don’t forget to include the most important and relevant details at the top of the page or resume.

Resume Should Differ for Each Job Application – It is necessary that you need to tailor your resume for every job that you apply based on the particular requirements of the job that you were applying for.

But, don’t worry as you need to change much content on your resume for every job application rather make sure that opening statements, skills, and qualification that you have will match up to the job requirements, you should finally show that your skills and experience that you have in will meet the requirements of the job that you have applied for and this makes a convincing resume.

Resume Templates

Finding resume templates is not that difficult, you can search on Google and you can easily get some thousands of pages relevant to resume templates on the results. Most of them will either provide one or two sample templates or most of them will not offer free samples.

Some often will be specific to one particular job. But there are some genuine professional websites out there on the web that provide hundreds of different resume templates for various jobs.

But, the thing here is you need to choose the right one among those hundreds of summaries.

To help you choose the right resume template for you, we have given some steps out there here. So, have a look at those steps and choose the right resume template for you.

1. At first, you need to consider the industry that you what to apply for the job. According to that, you need to choose the resume template which is suitable and professional.

2. Next, think about the type of job that you are going to apply for. If the skills that the job requires are presented in your resume, the recruiter will draw their attention to your profile and will look at your content closely. So, look for those similar templates that are designed with such skills and the requirements of the job.

3. Once, you have finally narrowed down all those templates that are relevant to your industry as well as skills, you can finally make a decision in picking the right one for you. Pick a sample that best highlights the skills and experiences and also gives it a bit of personal touch to it.

Also, make sure that, the resume template you have chosen in professional and which can try to impress the interviewers or hiring managers. Choose an outstanding template and prepare your resume according to it.

Resume Examples

Today getting a job is much difficult and the job market is very competitive with lakhs of competent people out there passing out every year in various streams.

You need to distinguish yourself from other thousands of applications or applicants to grab the position you are looking for. So in this tough competition, if you want to stand out, you need to find the resume samples or examples that are out there on the web. You can find lots of thousands of resume examples on the internet. You can search for them that and pick the samples or check out the examples that are most relevant to the job that you are applying for.

The examples will only guide you in preparing the resume so, don’t just re-write it. You need to make it unique with the help of the tips and suggestions that we have given here in this article. There are thousands of websites that contain provide eye-catching summaries to land a great job that you are looking for.

Many of them are professionally prepared for various kinds of jobs by expert writers. There are some websites particularly dedicated for summaries, resume templates and samples. They will keep on adding the examples in the word documents to their database.

So, you can visit those professional websites and find the relevant section that is related to the particular job you want to apply and pick some samples that you like and make use of them you can prepare your own professional resume that meets the requirements of the job you are applying.

best resume exampl

Resume for First Job

For the first time job seeker, making a resume can be a daunting task. You might be a student or you have just completed your studies and don’t have much experience professionally. But, you don’t have to worry.

This is the same situation that most of the people will face at starting of their career. Here, we have provided the way to write the resume for the first time. So, look at the sections given below and make a resume ready for your first job.

Think! Think!

Before you start making your resume, you can just take a moment and jot down all your skills and experiences you have that are related to the job that you want to apply as you don’t have a chance to create a single resume and send it hundreds of companies all at once.

Rather, it is necessary that you need to take time for studying each job post and think on showing up that you are the right person for that particular job. So, introduce yourself to that potential employer in a professional way with your resume.

For this, you need to include all your experiences, skills, projects, leadership roles etc. You need to keep the job description and the employer in mind always and make the resume according to it.

Customize all Together

Now after checking the requirements, you need to put all the relevant content or stuff together adding in the resume and arrange it in a proper way. Don’t include all the unnecessary information and include only that information that is necessary and up to the point.

As said in the above sections keep your resume as to only one page and not more than that and as if you were the preparing the resume for your first job.


Finally, once you include all the content and organize it in a proper way, you need to proofread it thoroughly. You may have heard that a resume with even one typo will be thrown away and no use of it. This may not be true always. But, it is necessary that at least your resume should be free from the errors and grammatical mistakes. So, proofread it and correct all the errors and make it a perfect resume.

This is how you need to make a resume that is professional, eye-catching or outstanding. These are the various resume writing styles for various jobs and for various professionals. Using our valuable tips and suggestions, you can make an awesome resume that meets all the requirements that the job seekers are looking for. Just remember that not every resume is right or suitable for every job. But remember, whatever job you are applying make your resume is relevant, short and simple and much as possible.

Now that you are ready with these valuable resume writing suggestions and tips, you will be able to prepare an outstanding and best possible resume which employers would like. So friends as on start of how to make a resume post we also mention that we will clear best resume examples, how to make a resume in word, how to make resume with all about how to do a resume,

Now You can see that we all clear about this and about top resume examples. So now we hope how to create a resume or how to write a resume all doubt now clear in this post. If you know how to make a good resume and you wanna give us some feedback to improve this How to make a resume and best resume examples then tell us. Keep coming for new ideas of How to make a resume.

13.Types of Resumes

The Resume can be prepared as per the need and the main purpose of the candidates. That is, if the applicants are freshers, the resume must be very simple with the details of educational details, pass percentages, colleges in which they have studied, contact information. If it is the resume of the person who is working since 3 years,

It would be a different scenario. In which the brief description of his mode work, roles, and responsibilities, brief lining about the office work handled by him will be mentioned over it. Per suppose,

If the person is at the manager level, he is having the experience more than 10 years, then the resume will be developed with his entire job history and about various organizations he/she has worked up to now etc, along with the above-mentioned details.

This way resume can be developed in 4 ways. They are the Chronological resume, Fundamental resume, combinational resume and mega resume.

People who are designing their resume can select the way depending upon their present situation. Check the overview on types of resumes from here.

1. Chronological resume

The Chronological order resume consists the complete history of the job profile. First, specify the information about the most recent job/project that you handled. Later keep moving on to the previous projects / Company details.

Such that, the employer can get a clear idea about your job profile clearly. This type of chronological resume will be proffered by many of the employees presently working in any of the company since 2, 3 years and seeking a job change.

2.Functional resume

The Fundamental resume, as the name suggests it contains the basic information of any person. This resume can be useful for persons having less education, less work experience, or if any employment / educational breaks exist in their span etc.

If anyone creating this type of resume, then they can specify the information of their educational and employment details. It is better to take advice from any of the experts while creating the fundamental resume.

The Fundamental resume is effective when

· Gaps exist in work history

· If one person is seeking to re-enter work after certain break

· If the person is changing the jobs frequently

· People who are seeking a different career every time

3. Combination resume

The Combination Resume contains Skill set details, highlights, listed in bullets. This is the best type of resume to show up your skills and work highlights in an open way.

In this combinational resume, the complete work history will be listed along with skill set and highlights. This can be a strong resume pattern if you are having a strong skill set and achievements in the present and previous jobs.

4. Mega Resume

As the name suggests mega resume is the big one which is going to contain everything at one place. That is in this pattern one can specify the skill set, highlights, past work experience, awards and honors received, internship details, activities, clear details about past projects etc.

If one is having very big profile this type of resume is ideal for them. Once you’ve decided what type of format will work best for you, it’s time to start writing! Begin by making a list of your skills, work experience, honors, awards, activities, internship experience, etc. Persons in Manager and above position can prepare their resume in this pattern.


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