Is CCleaner safe for windows 10?

Errors in your system can occur at any point of time, and because of those errors, the performance of your system might slow down. It becomes very important to fix those errors. CCleaner helps you to free that space.

But most are don’t know that is ccleaner safe for windows 10 or in others windows like 8.1, 7. What all could be the reasons of your computer being slow and ccleaner windows 10 issues, Lets know Is CCleaner trustworthy?

  1. It could be because there is not much space in the hard disk. If there are too many programs that you have not used, this will slow down your computer.
  2. There are also some temporary files in the system that you might not have used ever or they could be left over files.
  3. It can also be because there are too many programs that are running in the background or at the time of the starting of the computer.
  4. If you keep a lot of data in your system and if that data is unused, it might lead to the corruption of the data, hence the system slows down.
  5. We also tend to ignore the updates that are part of the notification and we do not update the system on time. By doing this, the system tends to slow down.

Is CCleaner safe? in windows 10

What is CCleaner?

It is one of the most downloaded windows cleaning tool. Not only this, the tool also helps in the optimization of the system.

How does it work?

The tool has two main uses – firstly, it will scan all the files in your system and will delete all those files that are no more required by your system. By doing so, it will free up space in the system.

Secondly, it also deletes all your private data like that of your browsing history and also all the files that you opened recently in the system. Not only this, it goes beyond that by deleting cookies that are stored in the Flash player.

It will erase all the data that is responsible for causing any sort of private risk to you. Though, you can always customize all this. In case you do not customize this, the tool will erase all the data by default.

With this comes one disadvantage as well, it works like “Delete my history” feature in the system. That means the tool erases all the data and does not know that you are using that program, which means that it is not perfect.

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what is CCleaner

Is ccleaner safe for windows 10

This tool can be run at any point of time. Most of the users prefer to use CCleaner as it helps them to keep their system clean, and also prevents any technical issue that might have occurred in the system.

It clears all the temporary files and also the log files. Along with it, it also helps in the cleaning of junk files that have been generated by the third party in your system. It also helps you in uninstalling those applications that it thinks cannot be deleted later on.

If you have been using Windows 10 for a long time, you must know that Windows 10 comes in with a lot of restore points and all those points cannot be deleted individually. CCleaner is the ideal tool that will help you in deleting a restore point without deleting other restore points.

When you have installed CCleaner in your system, you will never need another software to clean your Windows Registry. CCleaner comes with two versions- one is known as drive wiper that helps in wiping off the data completely from your hard drive and the name of the other feature is file finder. This feature helps you in finding the files quickly.

You can always choose to clean what you want to. While you are using the tool, you can always choose what kind of data you want to delete from your history. You will find this feature in Windows.

You will have to check the application section and decide as to which file you want the tool to erase. If you let the tool clear all the cache, then you will have to log into the website every time you use it. That is up to you whether you want to log in every time or let the tool delete everything that is not required.

With all the advantages, there come some disadvantages as well. Using CCleaner tool everyday can slow down the browsing system. There are people who still use it everyday. That can be done with the help of default settings. But doing it everyday can really slow down your computer.

This happens because the tool is used to delete all the files in the system by default. These files are known as the Cache files. Let us start by understanding what is a Cache file.

Having Cache files can also create problem in the future as your browsing history can easily be viewed by anyone. The hacker can easily view your browser history. This can be either a HTML file, or an image or a script.

Verdict ccleaner registry cleaner safe

Whenever you visit a website, the browser downloads the image or the script on its own, and when the person visits the website again, the browser does not have to download it again.

But, if one is using CCleaner tool, the script or the logo or the image has to be downloaded again because CCleaner tool has already erased that from the system. Hence, downloading everything again makes your system slow.

And the performance of the system also slows down. Running it daily might create problem for you. So, it is suggested that you do not run the tool everyday. For someone who is using an old system, they might have to run the tool everyday.

By doing so, lot of space will be available for you and this will surely improve your performance. And for those whose system new, they can do it occasionally.

It is suggested that they do it once in a week. Doing this will help you clean the disk and you will get a lot of space and your programs will be able to perform in a much better way. Hope now you can understand about piriform ccleaner safe or is ccleaner registry cleaner safe.

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