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How to use ShadowPlay To Record games

Are you searching for results to know the How to use ShadowPlay to record games in computer devices, here we are offering the detailed information about easy gaming with live recording and streaming processing. ShadowPlay includes various functionalities such as automatic streaming, FPS counter over outlet, gaming play system in the computer for better accessing of device operation. By using ShadowPlay, gaming play will get record automatically with back ground play station.

By recording the current gaming play, user can replay the background option as once, twice or many more times as much as user can. Only game play record will be possible and the technology used by play station and Xbox One devices such a way leads to the authentication of ShadowPlay process.

If the user having the presence of PC with modern technology then the graphical representation will  never be get connected with hardware which can looks good in order to change the accessibility and the changing technology will leads to change in features accessibility. Let us read more about How to use ShadowPlay in next paragraph.

how to use shadowplay


The operation and feature capability will be as same as the operation done in windows ten Game DVR. As going through official comparison of game play and windows, features can get works under windows 7 and much more too. The ShadowPlay will get impact under the technology assembles the performance consideration of initiating the penalty reference under five percent re source representation.

If the user have fast enough speed while operating the necessary options and the device will not require limited matter to go with ShadowPlay progression. For all game play recording purpose, the ShadowPlay will be the solution for considering the recording steps. The perfect solution for these recording sessions will get initiated through system resource management. It can include the technology as similar as windows 10 in gaming features supposed to the component of DVR.

But sometimes, the situations may not be favour to the candidates with disable mater and the matter allocation will be under the usage of features functionality. To check out the presence of ShadowPlay option in every computer, user needs to get into graphic technology world with neat and perfect recommendation in order to place the gathering at a replacement gathering. If the users device has PC check out then the hardware component will get accessed with neat and perfect enough calculation.

To make the open up to the experienced customers, get into the force application will get restored under start menu position. It the installation was not yet disclosed then the downloading capability will be start installing the application called Get force experience with the newly assigned application from the graphic analysation. As with additional order, greater installation will took closer to the newly implemented device in order to possess the way of initiating the driver updates within the settings update itself.


The latest updating feature includes game settings with optimizing structure and game streaming progression with PC attachment rather than rather than the usage of implementing the assigned features.

In the section of My Rig tab, the clicked application will get processed. By making a click on ShadowPlay user will able to check out the coincident capacity of needed requirements in system upgrading method. If the processing features will be included with ShadowPlay which will be made ready. If the processing failed to get installed then the apps will get considered under operational condition.

How to use ShadowPlay to record Games

Now you can go through the process of initiating the record system and going through streaming section. The complete record accessibility will get streamed in order to disclose the process under accomplishment. To get enable the features, the ShadowPlay accessibility will be made easier to get the streaming record. To get enclosed by the operating technology referred to get launch in Geforce with greater experience will be accomplished by the application installed together with exploring the additional capacity.

At the right top section, corner detection will be placed under the capability of windows launching. By making the click on switch option, by considering the left out with window flip to be referred at all. Green light capability will get appear by representing the play out structure of shadow progression which can get enable. Under the specified consideration of game resolution the speed capacity will be over 50mbps with 60FPS and the usage will be up to H.264 .

There will be optional features are classified as four steps such as Mode, Quality, shadow time and Audio accessibility. User can choose any of those options in such a way that the capacity of each module will be specified with neat and perfect features. For quality features, Mode of recording will be shadow and manual, shadow time should be up to 5 minutes, quality ranging to High and Audio must be in gaming mode. These are neat and perfect specified features in order to get the solution for good ShadowPlay appearance.

As a default session, ShadowPlay will be get used by the option called shadow and manual mode and the perfect modulation will get recorded under the game play section by keeping the storage up to five minutes of time.

Now get into the short cut method, which tends to press out Alt plus F10 the keyboard feature will be under shortcut level. Shadow play must be fixed with a targeted click on game play mode for video folder option. With reference to manual mode, user must press on Alt plus F9 by keep stop option ahead and the clipping session will get over start by recording task maintenance.

Easy Steps to use ShadowPlay to Understand More Easily

In this How to use ShadowPlay paragraph we are sharing some easy steps using that you can understand more easily.

Sep 1. Open ShadowPlay and Click on performance

Sep 2. Now Click on Game and Click on Check Now.


Sep 3. After Then you need to Click on ShadowPlay.

Sep 4. After then You will see a Popup with Large Switch.

Sep 5. Just Click on Large switch.


Sep 6. You will see all buttons are now active.

Sep 7. Now simly Click on performances


Sep 8. Now You can do any other setting like where to save files.


Thats it,


ShadowPlay can allow the recording by clicking on shortcut method such as Alt plus F12 to review the live partnership with counter FPS reference. Even under gaming mode, recording session will get rid under usage. User can perfectly layout the design under enabling description called the official look.

It can start growing with neat maintenance in such a way that the derived prescription will be get recorded with initiated menu. By launching the gaming technology which can enable the feature called recording will get down soon in guide line follow up. Hope How to use ShadowPlay now cleared, If you have any feedback then please give use via comments.

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