How to Stream From VLC to Your Chromecast


VLC Media Player or commonly called as VLC is the best audio and video player we have. It is a free player that supports various sorts of media files and DVDs. Today we are showing the best guide on How to Stream From VLC to Your Chromecast,

As we know that many other players support Chromecast, which is considered mandatory by most of the users. But VLC does not support Chromecast. Unfortunately, not all the versions of VLC support Chromecast for streaming.

VLC, back in time, has announced that it will introduce a standard version that supports Chromecast. It did stand on its word and released version 3.0 that supports Chromecast streaming.

VLC Player currently does not support Chromecast on Android and PC platforms, but many users are looking for a way to make it work.

If you are one among them and want to find out a way that can help you stream from VLC to your Chromecast, then you are at the right place.

We are here today to present before you the best way to stream from VLC to your Chromecast.

You need not be a pro to implement this method. Just follow the steps we are going to share with you as it is to get the desired result.

How to Stream From VLC to Your Chromecast

How to Stream from VLC to your Chromecast?

Where there is a will, there is away. The adage applies here too. Though it is practically not possible to stream from VLC to Chromecast, there are specific ways that can make it possible.

There is a perfect way that will let your VLC player cast with your idiot box via Chromecast. VLC player is undoubtedly the best player to watch movies, videos, songs, and other stuff.

It supports various formats of files and has millions of loyal users across the globe. Coming to Chromecast, it is the easiest one to use.

Chromecast helps the best way to fetch support, and it incredibly works with the TV. It is small and robust and collaborates with scores of amazing apps.

VLC to your Chromecast

How to make VLC compatible with Chromecast?

Chromecast is compatible with almost all famous and most used platforms like Android, iOS, and PC.

Coming to VLC, it has been offering its services for both Android and PC dedicatedly from quite some time now.

It is an easy task to stream from VLC to the Chromecast back then using the VLC plugin and Google cast extension in the Google Chrome browser.

Nevertheless, it has become a thing of past now after Google Chrome has reportedly updated.

It is now highly impossible to stream from VLC to Chromecast directly for PC to TV. There is no formal way to support VLC on a PC platform to be streaming to Chromecast.

Though the browser got updated, the plugin did not get any updates to date because of API change in chrome, and it can be said that no updates could happen with the plugin anytime soon.

The developers of VLC media player have been working tirelessly on Chromecast support, and they have finally come up with a solution.

With the latest Windows version of VLC, users can stream video and audio files from VLC media player on PC to Chromecast.

Users can now enjoy the streaming of videos from VLC to the Chromecast. The significant screen experience can never be looked down upon after all.


Jean-Baptiste Kempf, President and a number of the lead programmers at Videolan, shared several significant upgrades that are in their approach to VLC.


The group has introduced VLC Beta 3.3.0 that incorporates quite a few new alterations. First off, the most significant change to the program comes in terms of its interface.

VLC has switched within the cleaner Material Design language characterized by Google, bringing in the program’s visuals more in accord with the present variants of inventory Android.

Moreover, the navigation bar has proceeded into the floor to be less challenging to use. Even though Videolan has eliminated the completely colored toolbars from VLC 3.3.0, They’ve kept the orange color to maintain the business branding.

How to Stream VLC to Chromecast from PC?

The plugin and extension system is no more in the picture to stream VLC from PC to Chromecast. See how to stream VLC to Chromecast from PC.

  1. After setting up Chromecast, download Google Chrome to your PC and install it with default settings.
  2. Open the Chrome browser and go to apps and install Google add-on.
  3. After the add-on is installed with your HDTV and smartphone as remote, install the plugin into the chrome browser.
  4. By installing, you will now be able to control Chromecast right from your PC.
  5. Chrome can be downloaded, and Google cast can be installed both on windows PC and MAC platforms.
  6. Now, open the VLC player, drag and drop the media file that you would like to stream into it, and click on that media file and selection open with VLC.

The Chromecast support for VLC is only available for the latest unstable version of VLC, i.e., VLC 3.0. First, you will need to download and install the latest VLC for 64-bit Windows or VLC for 32-bit Windows, depending on your OS. Download and install it into your PC.

How to Stream VLC to Chromecast from Android

Here are a few simple steps to cast Video from VLC to Chromecast. Give a glance!

  1. On successful downloading and installation of the correct version of VLC, you need to make sure that your Chromecast is on.
  2. Find your Chromecast by clicking on Video>Render>Scan. On doing that, VLC will scan for nearby devices.Chromecast
  3. Now click Video > Renderer > Your Chromecast.
  4. In doing so, VLC will connect to your Chromecast.
  5. Now, open a video file you would like to see in VLC and click the “Play” button.
  6. On trying to play that particular video, you will see an “Insecure site” prompt.
  7. Click on “View certificate” to view your Chromecast’s security certificate.VLC will connect to your Chromecast
  8. To accept Chromecast’s certificate, Click “Accept Permanently.”
  9. On agreeing to the certificate, the video file will begin playing on your Chromecast immediately with Chromecast streaming the data from the VLC player on the computer.
  10. You can use the in-built controls of VLC to pause, fast forward, rewind, etc.


That’s it! You are done with setting up VLC and Chromecast to stream videos. When you try to stream using the same feature, you will need to use the Video> Render menu to scan and connect, after which you can play video files without accepting the certificate prompt again.

This is how you stream from VLC to your Chromecast. You can enjoy watching VLC videos with the help of Chromecast.

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