How to Create Your Own URL Shortner?


If you are looking for the method of creating your own URL Shortner, then you are surely in the right place! Today we are going to tell you all about the importance of short URLs and URL Shortner and will also tell you about the three-step method which will help you in creating your own URL Shortener!

You should know that the short URLs are an important part of our today’s search engine optimization mantra today, and we can’t just simply ignore this topic! In this five-minute article today, we will like you guys to know how long URLs negatively affect the search engine optimization and the traffic coming on your website or content!

How to Create Your Own URL Shortner

URL Shortner

Now it is very much important that you know about the reasons for URL shortening before you move towards the section of the development of a completely new URL Shortner tool!

We have gathered below the top five reasons that in our opinion are considered to be the best ones that will help you know how you should avoid the long URLs!

Five Reasons Why the Short URLs Are Better!

So here are the top reasons that will tell you about shortener url tools and why they are important to use for the creation of short links!

  1. The first reason that we have researched about is that the short URLs will help you out in the improved ranking position of your website in terms of the search engine! You should know that the structure of an URL is very much important when it comes to the outlook of your website! Now don’t be confused in this concept because the short URLs are not a direct ranking signal for your website but short URLs have some important qualities and features which helps your site be on the top! Some of these features include the inclusion of keywords in your URL and giving out concentrate cues to the traffic about the website!
  2. You should know that the short URLs are simply capable of gathering a greater user trust and can easily help you out in getting more and most importantly, steady traffic! We would like you guys to know that the long URLs are considered to be spammy, and usually, people avoid them, you would consider a long URL yourself and for this very reason, we recommend you guys to simply use short URLs which are more trustworthy and are more authoritative!
  3. Now for those of you who are familiar with the concept of long or short URLs and what URLs represent will understand this point! Actually, URLs are the exact address of a website or a webpage, now the longer the father URL of the site will be the more it will get complex with the passage of time when your site grows! Short URL will help you a lot in terms of the growth of your website! We would like you guys to know that long URLs are only accepted while they have information about the subcategories of the website or the webpage!
  4. Short URLs are very much easy to share, and you should consider this point yourself while sharing a web address will you consider a long URL or a short one and think about it at both ends, as a sender and also a recipient! You will understand that the sharing of short URLs is also very much feasible!
  5. The last point that we are going to discuss today with you guys is that a short URL will always help you align your content with the expectations of the user! You must consider the text in which you are reading about a product and get yourself directed to the page where the product is available for sale the URL is spread in more than one whole line than the user will simply avoid the content! You should try and use short URLs in your text as well! This is the only way you can keep the balance between the interest and the stability of the reader!

Now that you know about the importance of short URLs, we will like to tell you that the Link Shortner tools have great importance! There are many important link Shortner tools that you can use, and we will name some of them so that you can get the main idea or the working of the link Shortner tools and once you visit these link Shortener tools we will like you guys to know about the steps that you can use to create your own link Shortner!

The Top and The Most Famous Link Shortner Tools!

  • The first tool for creating short URL links is the link Shortner by small SEO tool!
  • The second most popular Shortner tool is by the search engine reports!

Both the link Shortner by the and the are free and are very easy to use plus they are very much reliable when it comes to the creation of aligned and the most effective short URL links! You just have to enter your long URL in the tool and press convert, and you will get a short and crispiest URL that you can use instead of the long one!

How to Create a Link Shortner?

Now here is the three-step process that you can take to make your own Link Shortner simply!

  1. The first step is to purchase your own domain and register it internationally! You have to register a proper domain name that you can use to attract traffic and which communicates about its working itself! You should keep the URL as short as possible!
  2. The second and most important step is to find a hosting service for yourself!
  3. The third and the last main step is to install a URL shortening web application and adjust it on your website in such a way that it works as your own, you can also design and develop your own application if you are working on a larger scale with a big and professional team!



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