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How to connect Xbox 360 controller to pc

Today we are talking about How to connect Xbox 360 controller to pc, After share about PS3 Controller on PC now we are trying share a simple guide on xbox 360 controller pc. As we know that most of the cases, personal computers will make run with Xbox controller in place of keyboard connection or mouse connection.

Xbox is a type of input component for a computer device to make the request along with the operating system. There is an optional choice for users of computers instead of using keyboards and mouse tools. The installation procedure for Xbox controller  will be same and the allotment of USB port are going to run the system and there is no change in various versions such as windows 7, windows8, and windows 10.

 How to connect Xbox 360 controller to pc

Lay out of Xbox 360controller

The process of installation is similar but the information present in the device will be placed in various set up guide boxes. Whether the changes occur in wireless controller connection, but the operating system results in same way with bunch components.

wireless xbox 360 controller pc

How to connect Xbox 360 controller to PC

We are referring the users to get wired with types of version in windows soft ware updating. It has been divided the portion with various players especially in gaming composition made by the construction over the screen out structure. There is an availability of various colours such as green, red, blue, yellow white, black, pink and the choosing choice will be up to the mark for customers.

Step 1: Start installing Xbox 360 Controller sin windows software.

Make the installation of controller tool in windows software and the process will take two optional ways. The standard set up controller connection to windows pc device will get attached to USB port for installation in successful manner.

Installation using CD:

Insert the disk in disk drive and go for software installation by following the steps properly. First set up the program to auto renewal package with browsing referrals. Then set up the screen with neat installation. Accessories used by the programming language are made easier under computer updates installation.

Step2: Attach Xbox 360 controller to Computer device with wired connection.

Now make the connection of device with wired technology and go with connectivity process for installation time duration over USB portals. The version of portals used as 2.0 and 3.0 in computer soft ware.

Step 3: Experiment the controller.

Make the experiment on installed version and then go with controller operation with managing the device under proper maintenance. In Xbox controller go with selecting the trigger and attach the controller over installed application. Then after start plug in by initiating the power options by recognizing the devices over the mentioned period of time. There is no limitation and updates required by the input connection made as Xbox controller by the authority.

Steps to connect Xbox 360 Controller in windows 8:

Step1: Install Xbox Controller in windows updates box.

Go with installation with selecting the option in controller system and start the procedure carefully with going through the follow up of instructions made by the portion in the system. The configuration has been made easier in order to provide the different portable capacity under maintenance.

Step 2: Connect the input to computer.

Then after finishing the installation steps with few numbers then after go for connect the hard drive with main input connection. The main essential usage of device is that the considered level has been made easier to plug in the request over the portion of installation procedure.

Step3: Trail the updated Version.

Once the installation of device has been completed, then go for experiment as first with live appearance. As a first attempt there may be a choice of change in accommodation over the portion, but specify the version by observing the stages of components used over certain period of time. This installation is more useful in case of making the recommendation over trail packs and the initiating the service commands.

Steps to connect Xbox 360 Controller in windows 10:

Step1: Connect Controller Box to port USB in personal computers.

As a mandatory and foremost step to be taken by the user is that the connectivity if Xbox with USB Port plug ins for easy accessing of computer devices. Then after the step go for automatic restart of computer devices.

Step2: Auto start windows update software.

Now Computer with windows 10 operating system will get starts by installing the drivers over the controller box along with the process of downloading. Start installation software before get update the version. Pop up alerts will get closed permanently till dead period once finishing this step.

Step 3: Explore Xbox controller with PC

Sign in with Xbox Application in the device and make the pulling trigger by changing the stick out with the computer. Explore the addition of gaming by pressing the controller button with trigger identification in windows updated session.

What is Xbox 360 Controller?

Xbox controller is a primary tool which was introduced to be install in Xbox 360 video gaming and the tool is to be considered as controller in the computers. The formal declaration of Xbox controller introduced in 2005 with the name given as E3 and the operating system will made guided over the manufacturing condition. This controller will get open the version with both wired and wireless connection as specified by the authority.

What is Use of Xbox 360 Controller

How to turn off Xbox Controller 360?

We are illustrating the process of installation and open up operation system and the process of turn on the tool is good and easy for accessing.

  • Go with wireless controller in PC.
  • Press Xbox guide button and keep on hold on the computer.
  • Holding process requires three minutes of maximum time.
  • Now go with turn off from selecting the option.
  • Otherwise go for controller and console choice.
  • Then the connectivity of tools made turn off automatically.
  • The process of turn of controller in computer has been finished.

Xbox controller was developed by Microsoft and the tool has been listed under video game controller. This has been comes to the generation of seventh and the retail version of region availability is more i gaming portals. While manufacturing the device, development team has been pushed the inputs as analog sticks of two numbers, Analog trigger of coupled number, Digital buttons with 11 counts. This is controller featured device which was additionally makes the syncing over proposals.

This is wireless connection given with 2.4 GHz and 2.5 mm heads set jack with the power connection of Nickel metal hybrid battery of 2 AA USB powered with USB hosting. The hosting dimensions are measured as 154, 105, 61 as length, width, breadth, measurements are in millimetres and these are not fixed and measured formally. These specified measurement are wireless and the version concern to wired will be 152,107, 54 in mm and the capability of tool will be made officially depends on the size of component.

What is Use of Xbox 360 Controller?

Xbox controller has undergo with various accessories usage and the main advantage feature of controller will be get the connection over input session in various devices.

Recharge battery:

Recharge battery toll requires the connection of controller for making the attachment for the device such as mobile phones and tablets. The metal used in the device is nickel hybrid for battery backup with the provision of 24 hours continuous outstanding. Main use of controller will be gaming portion and the upgraded version is going to used in shipping manner of various tools and tasks.

Gaming Receivers:

Wireless gaming receivers also require the connection of accessories for making the input in such cases as game pads and requesting method. The windows based personal computer used by the action referrals leads to have the high range of compatibility. It allows four controller, 4 headsets and 30 USB cables.


It needs the connection over headsets and messenger kit for making the request for input portion with compatible gaming referrals. The standard text making the insertion over console in current range with wireless receiver.


D Pad Controller:

Input over the standard level with controller back up for back up maintenance for edition of collection under edition. Current compatibility has been received under positive review and maintenance given by the Microsoft development team under consideration of outstanding tools.


The connection of Xbox 360 controller is mandatory for such devices for making the better input for operating system. For admissible connection to explore the results in best way. Controller is being one compatible device over certain duration of time for console the features to better accessing loading and maintenance.

The opposed portion of mounting will get minimized under wire problems with bottom link up choice. Whether the necessity of device is mandatory or not but the referral choices are made under construction in insert the input request over the entire portion. Microsoft device has start climbing the portals with opposition from the management of wired connection over the devices under proper maintenance.

Guide button present in Xbox controller is used to make the provision of information under indicating the portion and period of time. There is no limitation occurs for receiving the inputs for screening the position over various and miscellaneous component referrals.

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