How to Change WiFi Password


Hello, friends today we are talking about one the best thing about the internet called the wife.

Yes, today, we are sharing about how to change wifi password in BSNL, Netgear, pre-shared the link, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, JIO, glob, reliance, and also other routers.

Wifi is a source for everyone to make communication in a digital way throughout using various social media sites.

The security status for currently using network should be mandatory to save your data and also to consume the usage. To change the correct Password or to make the password initiation,

It shall be binding to replace the network name and pre-shared key by going through wifi settings. The encrypted range of parameters is required to modify the device configuration—every device like a router, modem, and much more.

Keeping a unique password to provided wifi will be more securable and will use in all aspects. Encrypted parameters will be accomplished with a neatly offered network, which can be made beneficial to provide the data.

The network name in the system will appear as Wireless Network Name or as SSID, and the Pass work column will be appeared-shared as WPA Key.

So if you need to know how to do, I change the wifi password. Let read more.

How to change WiFi password

Change Default Network Name and Password

Before searching for how do I change my wifi password or how to change my wifi password, you can know about the default network password.

The User or technician can set the user name and Password through make a click on the setup option.

At the time of installation of the wifi router, there will be default availability of SSID and SSI Pre-shared passwords. For those default options, users can get different options as per their wish.

There will be variation in installation credentials and chose network credentials. All devices are getting assigned with a particular fixed default user name and default passwords under the modem model section.

If you are one of the members of user registration with link, availability, there will be a necessary need to molding the router settings by going through web address

As a second step, go to the link admin page and enter the details such as email id and Password, owned by following the given instructions, and then make a sign in.

Once the sign in the section has been completed, User will get into the membership page, which displays the router status and settings section.

Candidates should go through general information, and Basic settings the make the note down of details carefully for further usage.

Precautions need to follow:

There will be various ways of getting the router configuration links such as link, configuration steps, Authentication method.

The customized User can re-change the network and Password from currently available credentials.

The admin password will be varied with a configuration message password. Keeping the data will be securable in case of mentioning the essential Password and network under personal security.

Are you a very new customer of using a router and a wifi connection and tired up by searching the information about creating the personal passwords for securing the recharged data, this is the right platform to get rid of all the details.

Keep the data securable and personal, no need to publish the sounds of the assigned Password to others. If you get released the passwords, then the automatic data wastage will take place.

The frequent use of data will not be accessible by the original User. We wish every User you whats to know about creating the passwords are well understood about the information and keep following the instructions.

How to change the wifi password with seven steps

As a first step, the User needs to enter an IP address in the browser search box, and the typing address will get access through the connected wifi network.

By going through provided options, you can fix the user name and Password as per your wish. Let’s know with easy steps how to change the router password.

Step 1:

  • As an initial step, go through the router configuration page by the sign to a personal computer.
  • Accessing through router configuration will be through the opening of a web browser in the system. Use Ethernet in case of the disappearance of a wifi connection.
  • Then the Ethernet connection will turn away for the use of a password. Various router addresses will get capable such will be in the format of192.168.2.3 or many more.
  • Some main IP for access login Page of wifi,,,  or (Xfinity). or (Apple)

enter wifi ip address login url

  • Write the address in the search box and press enter option. Then the authentication required tab will display with saved user name and Password. Get the login page by entering the opportunity,

Step 2:

  • By assigned credentials, go to the login page and get into the option of setting up. Fro setup box, Click on the wireless option, set the details with all necessary options. The opportunities present in the wireless section will get filled with all the required information.
  • Then the wireless browser security will get, opened, and the sub-option appears with security mode details and then save the settings.


Step 4:

  • Now User can change the Password by following the instructions listed in the password section and get access to modified details.
  • The User should give the secure Password, and the password characters must be eight characters, which includes specified symbols appear on the keyboard.


Step 5:

  • Then go for verifying the security type by modifying the options of WPA, WPA2, and WEP.
  • The most securable way of keeping Password will be WPA2, and all the Users will usually go to WPA2.

change WiFi password

Step 6:

  • Now the User can go for network name title option, whereas the name format will be assigned as follows.
  • By changing the Network name, people can determine to try to break out the extended cast functionality.

Step 7:

  • Once the settings have been finished, such as Password and network name, click on save option.
  • The location of the save option will appear at different places for each router.
  • But usually, it will display at the top or bottom of the page.

Attacks on Linksys Routers Trigger Mass Password Reset

Home Linksys modem consumers have been targeted at a cyberattack that shifted router settings, also redirected asks for specific webpages and domain names into malicious Coronavirus-themed landing pages, which were booby-trapped using malware.


By going through basic settings, You can enable the details like wifi network title, security mode, and Password.

Then after going through similar information once again with a different configuration.

There is an alternative option called show password, whether you can choose to show or to unmark the showing option. Now save the settings and scrolling the mouse towards down.

The confirmation message will display two options, such as Yes and No. Click on Yes and go for further steps.

Now the User can get accessed through a browser by entering the link IP address in the search box and can proceed further.

Then after the customer can save the admin password and keep login to the portal regularly.

I hope how to change your wifi password tutorial will help you. If you have any questions regards how to change the wifi password, then please ask us in the comment section.


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