20 Google Gravity Tricks like Anti Gravity, Zero, Space, Lucky 2019


Today we are sharing something interesting for you, As you know that Google gravity underwater Tricks, Anti gravity google and also im feeling lucky, 0, No, Zero, Space, mirror and also all other working tricks today we are showing in this post.

As we know that there are many thousands of tips and tricks of for different platforms like WhatsApp tips and trick and also other too,

Everybody uses this search engine as the search engine, but many of us don’t know some of its funny features. This is the world biggest search engine in the world.

All internet users love this search engine because that provides all the information that you required. Initially, this search engine was just a search engine. Also check our post on watch free bootleg movies online with cartoons sites 2019.

Google Gravity

What is Google gravity Trick?

Google Gravity is an experiment project. all the web pages will behave as if it is subjected to gravitational pull. So all the web pages would fall down. To test Gravity, go this search engine’s site and then open the setting and uncheck this search engine Instant Option.

  • Now search for Gravity in the search bar.
  • Click on I’m Feeling Lucky button and you will be redirected to Gravity page.
  • As soon as you enter into the web page, all the objects would fall
  • And try searching for something and press enter.
  • It can be very experienced when you are bored with a plain search.

20 Google Gravity Tricks like Anti Gravity Google, Zero, Space, Underwater, Lucky

Then it began to get funny. Now, Google Gravity Tricks or Easter Eggs behind every this search engine’s search. The right keywords or an I’m Feeling Lucky search will often provide you with odd and marvelous funny tricks.

No.Trick Name
1.I m feeling lucky
2.Google gravity space
4.Gravity Mirror
5.Underwater Trick
6.Guitar Trick
7.Pac-man Trick
8.Funny Trick
9.Snake Trick
10.Rainbow Trick
11.Sphere Trick
12.Terminal Trick
13.Epic Trick
14.Ninja Trick
15.Loco Trick
16.Zerg Rush Trick
17.Weenie Trick
18.Annoying Trick
19.Ester Egg Trick
20.April Fool Trick

Best gravity tricks a most widely search term on the internet. People search for gravity trick and different anti gravity tricks on the internet. Do you want to something awesome on Google Gravity like gravity trick code? Check out the all gravity tricks.

1. Google Gravity or I m feeling lucky button

  • You can even pick up and throw the search results at the walls or just simply mess with them.
  • This is no longer implemented on this but you can still see how it worked.
  • Follow the below steps to experience the Gravity.

2. Google Zero Gravity or Google gravity space

Google zero gravity is one of the best gravity that you should attempt.

  • In this trap, when you will visit the Search engine Page, you will see that questions won’t fall straight,
  • It will drifting on various corner and tumble down gradually such as items are in space where gravity is zero.
  • Go Google zero Gravity from here.

Visit – http://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google-space/

 Google gravity space

3. Gravity Google Anti Or Zero gravity google

Google anti gravity is same like Google zero gravity, these 2 things are same however their names are distinctive.

  • In this trick, when you will visit the Search Page,
  • you will see that questions won’t fall straight,
  • it will skimming on the various corner and tumble down gradually such as articles are in space where gravity is zero.

4. Google Gravity Mirror

This fun trick simply displays a mirror image of everything you may see when doing a search on Google Gravity.

  • To get this, just type Google Gravity Mirror in the search engine search bar
  • Then click on I’m Feeling Lucky.
  • Enjoy the mirror.

Google Gravity Trick

5. Google Gravity Underwater 

Google Gravity Underwater another most looked and one of the best gravity trick which is clever and excellent too that you should attempt. it is like gravity fall or zero gravity or anti gravity aside from the foundation, here you will see a foundation loaded with water and submerged territories.

  • When you will visit the Google gravity underwater page,
  • you will see that all the substance will be coasting inside water alongside the liveliness of fishes and moving water will give you an extremely decent ordeal of submerged.
  • To get this page, just search Google Gravity in the search box,
  • Then click I’m Feeling Lucky and enjoy browsing underwater.

Visit- http://elgoog.im/underwater/

Google Gravity Underwater 

6. Google Guitar

Google Guitar is the awesome musical and funny trick. You will see the guitar which is truly awesome. You can compose amazing music tune with the guitar and you can also record the tune.

  • This guitar is played by using your mouse and key board. Below you will have the some example as twinkle,
  • Happy birthday and harry porter with code.
  • You can simply type the code and enjoy the music in guitar.

To get this one, just type in the search bar and then click on I’m Feeling Happy and enjoy the tune which is composed by you.

Google Guitar

7. Google Pac-man

Google Pac-man doodle is another funny trick in this search engine tricks where you can see Google logo and Pac-man. Pac-man is mini version of play.

  • Naturally, millions of people played the game.
  • To play this interesting funny Pac-man, simply type Google Pac-man in the given search bar,
  • And click on I’m Feeling Lucky and enjoy playing the game.

Google Pacman

8. Google Funny

In Funny Google Gravity tricks, user can see common this search engine logo initially, but then user can change the logo with any user like name.

Users can the change the this search engine logo with any other name with this trick. To get this trick, go to the main page, type Funny Google Gravity in the given search bar then click on the I’m Feeling Lucky.

  • Click on the set another name and just the name you want to change in the box and submit it.
  • Then your given name will be displayed instead of logo.

9. Google Snake

It is a funny cool trick where you can see logo and a snake which moving side to another side. This is the Chinese game mini version.

  • To have fun with this game in your logo,
  • Simply go the search page then type Google Snake in the search bar,
  • Then click on I’m Feeling Lucky.
  • You can play this game with the arrows control keys.

10. Google Rainbow

By this tricks, user can see rainbow effect on the logo place. It provides this for letting the user have experienced the search engine in a great method.

  • To get this trick, you can search this trick,
  • by typing Google Gravity Rainbow in the search bar then click on I’m Feeling Lucky.


Rainbow Google trick

11. Google Sphere

It is the simple trick that swirling sphere the home page elements. It is pretty awesome, but it is not implemented on Google Gravity. You can also title all the home page elements with your mouse.

Google Sphere

12. Google Terminal

This trick is simple and pretty cool. You can see the logo and search button in a colorful coding.

13. Epic Google

It is not the enhanced performance but is this search engine on steroids. However, it’s just the obscene bulk.

  • Just type the Epic in the search bar then click on I’m Feeling Lucky.
  • Once the page opens, the logo,
  • I’m Feeling Lucky and Search button swell until they float of the page or you type a search and get the from there.

14. Google Ninja

Many of us love Ninja’s where this search engine surly does. If you are using your Reader then enter the keys like up, up, down, down left, right, left, right, B, A and ninja. To get this type this search engine the  Ninja in search box then click I’m Feeling Lucky and enjoy.

15. Google Loco

It’s a logo dancing trick. You can see all this search engine logo elements dancing and you can also see the logo with loco which will be interesting to look out. You will have the awesome searching experience.

To get this trick in your search engine, just go to home page and search Loco in the search box and then click on I’m Feeling Lucky. Enjoy the Loco.

16. Zerg Rush

With this, you can clear all the search results by some number of yellow and red colors. To get this, visit the website and type Zerg Rush in the search box then click on I’m Feeling Lucky.


17. Weenie Google

It is the flip side of Epic Google. When the page loads, the logo, search bar, Search and I’m Feeling Inadequate buttons, quickly start to shrink to the inscrutable and barely useable size.

To enjoy this funny trick, go the homepage and type Weenie this search engine in the search bar then click on I’m Feeling Lucky.

18. Annoying Google

Annoying Google Gravity trick will be very interesting. This trick will automatically change your searches. This will make the change in words; some letters will change into capital letters and small letters.

19. Ester Egg Trick

You may have known about the well known Super Mario Brothers who crossed its 30th-commemoration a month ago. As a tribute to it, Google Gravity orchestrated a dubious amusement in its search engine.

As you write “Super Mario Brothers’ in the search bar, the outcomes page will show the notorious block with a question mark as you have found in the amusement.

As you snap various times in the block, it will score 200 focuses and the talk is, as you snap 100 times it will ring a 1-up sound. This trap keeps the diversion unblocked and you can appreciate it by and by on the web.

20. April Fool’s Jokes

Each year this search engine love to play a few tricks with its users on April Fool’s Day. What’s more, thus, you will discover an assortment of April Fool’s tricks on its web crawler. Beforehand, this search engine endeavored the same with the Moon Base, MentalPlex, Gulp, Romance, TiSP, Meow me, repulsive force this search engine and alternate tricks.


This is the best Google gravity trap in which will make you trick for a moment. When you look recursion in this search engine you will get an outcome page appearing ‘Did you mean: recursion’ despite the fact that you haven’t committed any error.

”For All Trick Visit Below Link”

Seek the number of horns on a unicorn

This is another intriguing Google gravity trick where you will get the answer in a one of a kind way. Although you know the answer, the this search engine’s method of indicating result makes this gravity trap an insane one. Go to the this search engine search page now itself to enjoy this trick.

These are a percentage of the Gravity tricks and tools from Google Gravity for little fun and amusement. You are allowed to experiment with any of the above tricks and tools anytime for at all reason. I have additionally made some the seek traps which you can use to show signs of improvement query items.

Ordinary we scan Google for something or the other. Each year very nearly 2,161,530,000,000 hunts are performed on Google Gravity and this number is expanding step by step. Yet, this is more than only a pursuit machine. The vast majority imagine that Google Gravity is only to search yet you can do different things. So today I thought of some cool traps worth.

This search engine has inbuilt timer. You can a use a it as clock. In the event that you are surfing net and need to get informed at a particular time then you can apply clock in the this search engine itself.

On the off chance that you the need to know accurate time of dawn and nightfall then you can get definite time by utilizing Google. This search engine can let you know the right conjecture of your city.

Simply sort your city name alongside conjecture to get the figure for your city. Make Google tilted by writing the word tilt in Google seek box. You can utilize this is as convertor. Hold up this convertor is not the customary one.

You can change over any measurements and qualities by utilizing this Google converter. A great many people seek by writing words into Google. Be that as it may, do you know you can utilize Google picture seek highlight to look by means of picture.

Google can do such astounding things that you cannot envision. Simply sort in this search engine do a barrel move without quotes and see what enchantment this search engine demonstrates to you.

Henceforth, you have found the most stunning and unmistakable tricks from the web. With these tricks, you can astound anybody and play a few tricks to bring some energizing minutes. Google Gravity traps are not intended to make your inquiry miserable, but rather they are produced to add some enjoyable to your pursuit rather introducing you the general experience.

To annoy your search box and home page just type Annoying this search engine in your home page then click on I’m Feeling Lucky and enjoy. this search engine is a standout amongst the most well known web crawler on the globe, which is utilized by billions of individuals each day.


In this article, we are share best and most intriguing gravity tricks yet you will get other numerous gravity tricks from web. Essentially hostile to gravity, Zerg Rush Gravity, guitar gravity these are additionally enthralling Google gravity tricks however others are likewise extremely intriguing.

We imparted to you some of them and to get more Gravity tricks stay tuned. I trust this can be frightfully helpful to you. In the event that you found this Gravity Tricks article is crazy then share it with your friends.


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