How to get free in app purchase Android


Free in-app purchase for the android complete info you can from here. Smartphones are very commonly used by one and everyone all over the globe. In-app purchase is nothing but purchasing the goods and services from an app on the smartphone.

The in app purchases allows the users as well as the developers to provide the application for free and use it by the users without paying anything for the app.

The ones who have already downloaded the app can get the facility of upgrading the free version and new features are also added and after the content to the app is downloaded, the users do not have to download the different application later on.

Talking about Android, it is very popular and famous for there are million so users using the Android operating system on tier smartphones. The users also download Games and apps from the Google Play store.

   how to get free in app purchase android

How to get free in app purchase Android

Free-In App purchase is generally chargeable but there is a hack in app purchase on Android by which you can get all the in-app purchases for free and gets easy to download games and apps on the smartphone.

They are the small features in the game or app that can be unlocked by spending cash for higher gaming experience and making your skills and enjoy reaching great heights and clearing more and more levels of the game.

The Free in app purchases also allows the users to buy additional services related to the content within the app. The stuff or items in the games or apps can enhance the game and make it more fun and entertaining to play with your friends and family.

The hacking process to get the in app purchases for free is simple yet time-consuming also. Android is the best operating system and the users can get free unlimited gems, coins or other items and gets easy to crack them.

Benefits to enjoy with the free in-app purchases:

  • A sword that helps to give more power to the game.
  • Gets easy to unlock the characters that are payable in the game.
  • Gets easy to get the unlock more features of a free app.
  • Advertisement removal.
  • Allows the users to get the special items along with other stuff.
  • The virtual currency can also be used for purchase.

Hacks in-app purchase in Android:

1. Lucky patcher:

This is an amazing android application. Great app in a store made exclusively available to install for the game lovers and the basic key moderation allows the users to get rid of the unwanted ads that pop up in middle of the games and apps and annoys you along with Android Market License Confirmation or other confirmations for the applications.

This popular app is used by the users all over and has been developed by Developer Chelpus. The combination of android and lucky patcher is great and has a great impact in terms of rooted Android Device. The app is amazing and fun to use but it can also cause small issue in the mobile phone like restarting loop, unstable system and more.

So, it’s good to download the app but the users can face issues also which could be annoying. There could be a risk factor of getting the Android device damaged via the app.

It’s always healthy for a smartphone to take the backup of the data and there might be a risk of losing the data. There are several Google Ads appearing and the Lucky Patcher app helps the device to improve the battery time and the Google Ads are thus prevented.

2. Cree hack:

The Cree hack is a tool with all the features that is needed for the android users to play the games on smartphones and is one of the best tools running in the competition world allowing the users to use the tool for free and millions of users use the tool all over the world.

 The excellent app works without requiring the accessibility of help the users to access the games for free and make the in app purchases in the game for free.

The Android users always have the advantage and they can easily install the application on the smart devices and start using it for free in the mobile phones.

cree hack Free in app purchases

The Cree Hack has to undergo a process following which the users get to connect automatically. In order to download the tools, the users have to go through the surveys and it might be little annoying as well as irritating.

3. Freedom

The android users can always enjoy the benefits of the real app and the mobile phone can be filled up with many features along with the and beneficial programs. The Google Play store has an app indulged within – the Freedom app.

The mobile phone users can protect a delivery on the proper feel and in the examination. The Freedom app can easily manage to exquisite the additives and this app requires the access to the internet.

freedom fire Free in app purchases for android

The Android OS allows seeing the factors and helps the users to use the Freedom utility apk. The in-app purchase items can be used and the fake installments from the in-store folder of the services can also be aspected.

4. Leo Play Card:

This app is diverse to Cree Hack, Lucky Patcher, and Freedom. This app is fantastic and works wonders on apps like Pinball HD, idiot and more on. It is very much based on the Cree hack and Lucky Patcher and incorporates an inbuilt unfastened card.

This app is nowhere less in comparison to other apps and can easily function on the Google play just like the other listed applications in competition.

leo play how to get free in app purchase android

5. AppSara:

This app is very much similar to the Leo Play Card and is an alternative to other applications rendering same facilities and features.

The accessibility of the root internet is not required and the major drawback of the app is that through this app is popular, the app supports only a few games or apps. You can easily download the app on the android device and enjoy using it.

apps saara Free in app purchases

6. Free in app purchase Cydia

The 4 best Cydia Hacks is available on the Cydia store and it really works wonder. There are 4 best top iPad Hacks that are made available in the jailbreak store for the iPhone, iPod, Touch and iPad Air and iPad Mini.

There is a number of features induced that helps the users to use the excellent features with ease. The in app purchase feature is made available where in the users can enjoy using the in app purchase items for free that re generally beneficial when it comes to games or apps in the smartphone. The best 4 Cydia Apps are as follows:

iAPFree iOS 10.0.1: this one is termed to be the best Cydia app that can be bypassed and the purchase page can allow the users to get the free in app purchases and enjoy using it moreover run games and apps and helps them to collect coins, diamonds, to other items that help in reaching next levels with ease and more power.

The app comes with the core plugin feature that contains huge possession of files that can be hacked in games and apps.

iAP Cracker: this is also termed as the one of the best and excellent in app purchase. There is as such no icon available for iAP Cracker but this app is really fun and makes wonders. Experience the app’s magic by yourself by downloading the lovely app and enjoy using it to hack the games and apps on the smartphone and you can make your friends jealous by crossing stages with ease and go ahead of them and beat them.

iAP Crazy: This app is a crazy app that could really help you to bring out some craziness for the in app purchase and allows the users to build the free stuff and can be said as the good alternative to the iAPcracker.

LocaliAPStore iOS 10.0.1: this is like the best and most important Cydia hacks that are made available for the users to use on the Cydia Store for free and thus by installing the app on the mobile devices, the users can get extra benefits and make the most of it. The interim app supports a large number of games and is a must for all the game lovers.

Free in app purchase without jailbreak:

The in app purchase is made available for the users to use for free without going with the jailbreak. This is made reported as of July 16th, 2012 and this hack was officially found by ZonD80 on YouTube and has a video of the hack.

The technique is yet so simple but must be careful enough while under in the process. The hacks are made available only for the jailbroken devices and can be done for free of cost. There are few steps that are instructed to follow in order to get the lesson of how to get the free in app purchase without the jailbreak for free?

To get started:

– Firstly, download the two certificates-first and second and it’s very important to install the first one first and then the second one second.

– Secondly, to do is log off your iTunes accounts in the APP store- store > Tap on your applied > sign off.

– Next thing to do is open the application you want to get in the app purchase and now you should go ahead to buy something. Now, tap “Cancel” on Do you want to purchase window.

– Open the Wi-Fi settings on the smartphone and now direct the arrow on the right of the WI-FI network and then enter the DNS servers in the DNS box-,

– After getting till here, go back to the Wi-Fi settings and then toggle the Wi-Fi off then switch it back again on.

– Back off to the app and load the step 3 and then buy some item of purchase.

– Hit on the like on the box that appears and comes up and then again hit on the use existing account and type in wrong credentials.

– This is all and the in app purchase is made available for you for free. Without jailbreak.

Hence, the process of getting the in app purchase without jailbreak is completed.

Free-in app purchase clash of clans:

Now get to know the trick of getting the in app purchase of the clash of clans and get the free coins, gems and everything for the game, the game is very popular worldwide and in order to get more and more rewards and purchase items for free, there are few steps to be followed up.

The users must be very excited to read this one and the hacking can also be done using the App Freedom and the details about the app are clearly mentioned in detail in the above.

It gets easy to crack the Google in-app purchase and also get to access the paid things without even spending a single penny.

Follow the steps:

  1. The freedom app is made available for free to use but requires the accessibility of root to use it.root the device nd then go ahead to the next step as the first step is done.
  2. The next step to do is install the freedom app form the official links and in the play store there is another app by the same name and also if the message pops up then don’t install that and say not working.
  3. Open the Freedom app and then you can see the list of the games and apps that can also be hacked and now open the settings of the app displayed on the right corner and also choose the disable play store updates.
  4. Now you can also get to start any game or app from the list inside the Freedom app which needs to be hacked and the clash of clan’s game can be more excited.
  5. Now, click on the buy coins or gems option. Click ok to the purchase prompt.
  6. You can also purchase successfully without paying single money and also you can go back to the menu and check again.

It gets easy to same method and also manipulates the limited in app purchases. Hence, the process of using the in app purchase for clash of the clan is completed and the game is quite popular in the whole world.

Free in app purchase list:

The free in app purchase apps are for free to use and we also try making our users to not use the paid apps. It always gets easy to purchase and try this iAPFree for iOS 8.4.

The app works with only some games and apps and we can get the compatibility. There are the certain list of the purchase list which you can choose to buy from the in app purchase store if you are a game lover. It’s a treat for the game lovers.

– The pinball Arcade

– GT racing

– After Ligh

– Six runs

– Clash of clans

– Japan life

– Infinity Blade

– Temple run

– Urban Crime

– Angry birds

– Camera+

– Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

There are few of the tested games also made available for the IAP free for iOS 8.4. The users can experience and try the in app purchase for free so that they can also try to go from jailbreak tweak before buying.

Hope these instructions are beneficial enough and you can check the wide range of purchase list mentioned above to know the Excellency.

It is also easy to install the IAP free for iOS 8.4. All you need to do is, make sure that iOS 8.4. The device is properly jailbroken and Cydia is working. If no then install the Cydia app.tap on the manager and go to sources and edit.

Add the cydia.crazyclashofclan and once you are done, refresh the iAPFree and install it. The new features are added the users can enjoy using these features exclusively for free.


Here we come to the end of the article and hope that we are beneficial enough in giving the details in depth related to the free in app purchase with or without internet and root access for free of cost.

The app helps the game lovers to enjoy purchasing the items in games and apps and enjoy having fun reaching high scores, different levels with ease.

It is requested to follow the guidelines where ever mentioned and it is easy to access the app on the mobile phone. Be the one in most of the millions list and get the app exclusively on your smartphone for free.

Get to know the other forms of the application in details and share the article with your dear ones. Hence, we are clear with the information given. Read the article and share your valuable feedback with us here. Your effort will be truly appreciated. Hence, the article and process of the free in app purchase for free is completed.


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