Fallout 4 Trailer


As we all know, there is still no information regarding the release date or the development of Fallout 4. Because of this, there are also no trailers available for this Fallout series installment.

But as soon as a Fallout 4 Trailer becomes available, Fallout-4.net will be updated and have the new video trailer added right away.

The previous trailers before the Fallout 4 Trailer

Even though a Fallout 4 Trailer is still unavailable, trailers from the previous installments have been released in the past and are still available for viewing from Youtube. The following are the trailers of the previous versions of the Fallout video game series.

Fallout 4 Trailer

Fallout New Vegas Trailer

This is the trailer for Fallout New Vegas, the newest installment in the Fallout series. The game was developed by Obsidian Entertainment and Bethesda Softworks and was released on October 2010. According to the developers, Fallout New Vegas is not a sequel to Fallout 3, but rather a stand-alone project.

Fallout 3 Trailer

Bethesda Softworks was the company that bought the Fallout series from Interplay Entertainment. Fallout 3, which they developed and released in 2008, is their first installment during the post-Interplay Entertainment era. According to sources, this video game is considered one of the best video games of all time. Here’s the trailer for Fallout 3.

Van Buren (Fallout 3) Trailer

Van Buren, which was developed by Black Isle Studios, was the code name given to what was supposed to be next installment of the Fallout video game series. The game development was cancelled in 2003 when the budget cuts forced Interplay Entertainment (parent company) to stop the PC development team. This is the trailer to the unreleased Fallout 3 version, Van Buren.

Fallout 2 Trailer

Fallout 2, which was released on September 1998, is a direct sequel or follow-up to the very first installment of this video game series. Although Black Isle Studios was the company that designed this game, Fallout’s parent company Interplay Entertainment released it. Below is the trailer of Fallout 2.

Fallout Trailer

Fallout is the very first installment of the Fallout video game series. It is a role-playing, open world type of video game. It was developed by Interplay Entertainment, and was released by the same company in 1997.

The importance of the previous versions of this game

People say that in order for you to arrive at the destination that you’re going, you must learn to look back to where you come from. This saying is also applicable to video games. In order for video gamers to be able to understand what Fallout 4 is all about, then it might be important for them to be able to play or at least know something about the previous games for this video game series. After all, it would be to one’s advantage to be able to know something form the very beginning.

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