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How to Factory Reset PS4 without password

Sometimes the programmes, data and the installation files on the play station 4 can become corrupt because of bugs or crashing. But, users don’t have to worry about this issue as simply doing a factory reset or a system restore can solve the issue. However, it would be a difficult task for you if you have not done this before. But when doing the factory reset of the Play Station 4, it is necessary for you to check and make sure that you does not cause any damage to it.

You can go through this post completely to take our valuable suggestions when doing a factory reset of your play station 4 and it will help you to root out any problems that would affect your PS4. Before that, let us first know about the factory reset in PS4, their advantages and the disadvantages and then move on to do the PS4 factory reset.

How to Factory Reset PS4

How to Factory Reset PS4 without password

So, what does factory reset of PS4 leads to?? Let us know about it here. The system restore ability present in the PS4 will allow the user to erase all the files, saved files, downloads, programs all those applications or software that you have installed in it right from its purchase. This literally means stripping of the hard drive down its core OS. This would be a great thing, if you have purchased the pre-owned PS 4 and you want to clear the data of it as it will be left with the details of the previous users sometime or when you prepare to sell the console of the game to others.

If your PS 4 network account is associated to the console you won’t be able to remove it without having the password and in this case you need the complete system restore. This is all about the consequences of factory reset and when it is required actually. As if you are aware of the PS 4 factory reset details, if you are interested in doing it you can proceed but before that, you need back up all the files. You can do it in the following way.

Backup Play Station 4 Data

As doing the factory reset will delete all the games, settings, movies and everything that you have saved on the PS4, you need to save all those. For this, open the “Settings Menu” on your Play Station 4 and go to “System” followed by that go to “Backup and Restore” and then “Backup” your PS4 and also do the complete backup on the USB. When the backup completes, you can proceed with the next process.

Boot in Safe Mode

PS4 allows the users to do the operations like backup, restore as well as the reset from the Safe Mode and this is the normal operating mode the Play Station 4 clearing off all those that are not necessary for running the PS4, for example Bluetooth. In order to boot to the safe mode, one need to follow the below given steps.

  • Power off the Play Station 4 by holding down the power button of it for few seconds i.e., at least for 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Once you hear the beep sound and the power light turns in to red color, you need to power on the Play Station 4 again by holding and keeping the power button down until you hear one beep again.
  • After 7 seconds, you need to hear other beep from the PS4 which tells you that you should release the power button.


  • That’s it and the users need to see the safe mode screen.
  • In order to navigate around, you have to connect the DualShock Controller through the USB as using the Bluetooth won’t work in the safe mode. After this, follow any of the below given methods as per the necessity.

Method-1: Initialize PS4

If there is any wrong with the settings of the system, it is just enough for you to delete the present settings of the PS4 and then go back to the default settings. You can do it by booting your PS4 to the Safe mode and then go to Initialize PS4 and tap on it. Now you need to see that the problem is solved or not. If the issue is resolved, you have to restore all the data that you have backup. In order to do it, you need see the below given process.

Method-2: Initialize PS4 by Reinstalling Software of System

If there is no issue with the system settings, there can be another reason for the PS4 system to behave abnormally or freeze. In this situation, you need to reinstall the system software for restoring the Play Station 4 to the factory settings. You can do this with the help of the below given steps.

  • Take a USB drive and download the PS4 system software from the official website.
  • Now, plug-in the USB drive to the computer.
  • Create a folder known as PS4 and create another folder inside that folder known as “Update”.
  • Rename the file that you have downloaded to “PS4UPDATE.PUP” without quotes and copy the file in to the folder “Update”.
  • After completing the above process, connect the USB drive to the Play Station 4 and boot it in the safe mode.
  • Now you need to choose the Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software) and follow onscreen instructions.
  • Once the installation of the PS4 completes, see if the problems are resolved.

This is how, one need to factory reset the PS4. Follow any of these methods as per the problem and get the issue solved. Once the factory reset completes, you can restore the PS4 with the help of below given process.

Restore Play Station 4

In order to restore all the files, settings and other things, you just need to follow the below steps.

  • Open the “Settings” of the PS4.
  • Go to Backup and then navigate to “Restore” and restore PS4 and then choose the USB drive that you need to backup.
  • Once the restore of the PS4 completes, you need to restart the console and see that the Play Stations 4 is perfect with all the problems resolved.

Benefits of Factory Resetting PS4

  • Makes you to sell the PS4 console free from fraud.
  • Factory resetting allows you to fix any error present in the hard drive.
  • Allows you to reset the PS4 console back to factory defaults.

Drawbacks of Factory Resetting PS4

  • If the factory resetting is completed wrongly or incorrectly, it would cause the permanent damage to the PS4 console.
  • Once the files in the PS4 are deleted there is zero percent of chances for restoring them.

Once the factory reset completes, the PS4 console will go to the previous OS. Hard reset will various issues such as damage caused to the files installed or the files that are saved not loading. So, do reset your PS4 if you are having similar issues with the help of the above given methods and solve the problem. Even after the reset, if the issue persists, then the PS4 would be faulty and you need to repair it or exchange it. This is all about the factory reset of play station 4. Hope, you got the overview.

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