7 Elements to understand for an effective narrative


Good narratives are hard to come across. Main reason for this is, lack of knowledge about the craft of story writing.

Every body can write a story but writing a good narrative story is altogether a different ball game. Even good writers sometimes fail to impress their audience because somewhere they become complacent and miss out on one or more of the 7 key elements for an effective narrative.

Elements to understand for an effective narrative

Elements to understand for an effective narrative

If you are looking to write a narrative story, do read these 7 key elements before putting your head into the work. These are tried and tested elements that need to be there to create interest for the audience in the novel or movie.

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Plot of the story

The plot is a very essential part around which the entire story revolves. You need to understand the plot and its impact on your story. It is the plot around which all the sequence of events revolve and merge. This is very important while crafting a good narrative and if the plot is weak, the entire effort of a good narrative goes down.

Plot of the story


The element of setting is one of the most important in a compelling narrative. It sets the mood and atmosphere around which the story takes place and transports the reader to an entirely new world, one which the author sets for all its audience.

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Characters are the people around whom the story revolves around. In any movie or novel, there are central characters, a protagonist and an antagonist. Characters bind the people and every character has a defined role to play and knows his or her goal.


For an effective narrative, you must research well into your characters and assign them a clear role and goal to play. If the characters are not strong and goals not defined, the narrative falls flat and story goes for a tail spin.

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Theme of the narrative

Theme is crucial to an effective narrative. It gives focus to the narrative and help publishers market the novel in the best possible manner. A theme allows the publisher to approach the right audience for the work which saves a lot of time and money which is crucial to its success.

Theme of the narrative

You must have a clear cut theme for your narrative because it will allow you to focus on the subject and you know before hand about the takeaways from the it.

Most novels thesedays are marketed with audience in mind and publishers want authors and narrators to actively and personally help them market their work for it to become successful.

Conflict in story

Conflict is central to the story. Without a conflict there is no story and no interest. Neither will the audience care about the movement of story or its path, nor will there be any suspense to bind people to their chair.

Conflict in the story gives it a theme, a goal and drives the story to its climax and then ultimatum. Plot of the story becomes relevant only when there is a conflict, the protagonist and the antagonist come face to face because of the conflict and the narrative has a movement.

As a narrator, you need to strive to give your story a conflict around which your story can move, all your central characters come into being and your plot starts to activate.


This is also an important element of a narrative. Just like the green light in The Great Gatsby, these symbols are what the audience reflect to long after the narrative is over.

You should have symbolic elements in your narrative because they help you bind with the audience and people remember the symbolic elements for very long.


Point of view

Every narrative has a narrator and he narrates a story to someone. Who is the narrator and why is he narrating the story. This element should be very clear because this helps readers understand the motive behind the story.


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