What Is dwm.exe and Why Is It Running


Dwm.exe is the format for programming language and progress will tend to desktop window manager who belongs to Microsoft Corporation and Windows software operating system.

It is the management tool listed under desktop Windows section, and the main functionality will be providing the graphics effects in the appearance of graphical impact under Windows Microsoft.

The operating system concern with various features such as Live Preview of Windows, transparencies, and 3D effects, much more.


It is the virtual platform for users gets the details about dwm.exe. DWM is the type of ongoing series which can expand the detailed explanation of the different process which will get out from task manager.

Go through the features and functional effects to get out of awareness about the dwm.exe process.

In dwm taskbar, various tools will appear such as ctfmon.exe, conhost.exe, svchost.exe, mDNSresponder.exe, Adobe updater.exe and runcll32.exe.


Why is it Running?

  • To manage the composition of dwm with excellent results will give the effect as windows vista.
  • For transparent windows and live thumbnails occurrence in the taskbar will make the switch disable.
  • The flip 3D appearance will automatically make the switch to mold with on stage with dwm running. Don’t be a delay to get the process of running with curious memory standards.

How is It Running?

  • Have a login to Windows desktop manager user system and make the information about taskbar should appear on the screen. By DWM running process, users will come to know the details structure and functional responsibilities about dwm.exe.
  • DWM running process will consume more gigabytes memory than going through comparison with other processors which are used in computer operators.
  • With the accomplishment made with feature effects of DWM will help the system to run in the right way.

What is Desktop Window Manager?

Desktop window manager (dwm.exe) is nothing but the combination concern the functionality of window manager which can provide a neat and good effect to windows vista.

Whereas windows vista consists of various functional operations under testing such as flip3D switcher, transparent windows, resize thumbnails, live taskbar and these options can disable by replacing with switchers.


  • In a particular memory location, the desktop windows manager will store the information with high standard security.
  • With the selection of Vista through DWM, you can check out the appeared result of how the picture will look.
  • Using specific folder mentioned in windows desktop manager tool, the screen will display the notice specifies with due reason to make the user understand the purpose in such cases.
  • Vista present in DWM will store the track under windows creation process which will circumference the ability to combine the windows on the screen.
  • Vista can be used o add the various functional task with toolbar menu which will lead to operating the functionality correctly.

DWM Memory Usage:

Once the composition gets over with preview resignation, then the live appearance with again showing the preview will be available to display under the menu of windows taskbar.

As well known interference, the preview will be made more accessible to show, and disability will be done as soon as the user shuts down the device.

The supposed usage will be approved for Windows with Vista appearance to get utilize the hardware roundup with acceleration under video card interference.

Through designing the soft and smooth appearance by customising the animations with restoring capability, to get transparent effect under storing the memory status.

Now coming to the usage referred to DWM and the process will get controlled by the windows to get the storage under required maintenance.

By opening the taskbar in Windows, the user can have a look at DWM programming process and list the differentiation by taking the process between to  MB memory usage for testing purpose.

The original size of the DWM process will get controlled by depending on windows which can be required to buffer the memory to manage the contents of Windows software.

If the computer designed with a limited number of the buffer with memory standards will get stored in a place with a considerable number of windows open system.

Then the system operating under DWM will save more memory at that time. By switching to the Vista, necessary theme appearance will just get out the progression with the tremendous ideal look.

Step 1 – Open Task Manager.

Step 2 – Click on Detail.

Step 3 – Scroll Download Find dwm.exe.

Dwm-exe memory usage

How to disable DWM:

As a first step, the user will try for some extends and tired off with the trials and such people we are here to give the process of disabling Desktop window manager.

To maximise the memory usage and performance level, as a first user need to go with the best suggestion that is crippling the Windows DWM.

Then after the same will be continued without saving disable settings then go through below steps with proper manner.

  • Go to Start menu and click on it.
  • In the Search box, type service and submit it.
  • Click on service obtained link immediately.
  • In Start menu service window, mention double click for desktop windows manager.

How to disable DWM

  • Then after stopping the services by disabling the manager tool.
  • Then the process will be changed to Automatically disable session.

In the case of personal usage, appearance and sounds system will get operated by the use of dwm windows running.

By going through dwm running session, choose the settings to apply to VistaVista essential, optional reference.

After finishing the process of running for the specified topic, shut down the start menu option on the computer desktop.

Through recommended features, the user will make a list out related to customizing the choices in the progression of similar way.

Various commands will get display on instead usage such referred to the section of administration mode.

Such commands include stop, start service, Enable and disable service, net stop and start uxsms, sc config uses start=auto or disable.



DWM was configured under the process of Microsoft desktop window manager by mentioning the product details such a way that Microsoft will compose windows vista with 7th version and the organization.

The official file name will be considered as dwm.exe. Security rating will be high in Desktop windows manager section.

More than 11 thousand users have been undergoing through DWM process, and from those few members were satisfied with the facilities and option and some more with the different rating.

But most of the user given the score with five and by usual response considered from all the users, we make sure that process will perform well to choose the progression under testing.


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