How To Delete Gmail account from android Mobile iPhone Tablet MAC 2020


Hope today we are looking for How to delete gmail account from mobile or how to delete gmail account in android phone smartphones with guide, Sure you are on right place of internet for this tutorial.

Are you searching to know about how to delete Gmail account permanently? You are in the right place. Here we give info about how to delete Gmail account permanently,

As you know that creating Gmail is very easy if you also did that and you remove that then just follow us for h how to delete gmail account permanently immediately step to step guide without knowing the password and without login and also from iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung and other mobile devices..

How to delete Gmail account permanently immediately 2020

Gmail is a free, promoting upheld email administration gave by Google. Clients may get to Gmail as secure web mail, and by means of POP3 or IMAP4 protocols.

Gmail at first began as a welcome just beta discharge on April 1, 2004 and it got to be accessible to the overall population on February 7, 2007, however still in beta status at that time.

The administration was updated from beta status on July 7, 2009, alongside whatever is left of the Google Applications suite.

Deleting Your Whole Google Account

Let me follow and done very easily.

Step 1. Sign out of all of your Google accounts:

Verify that you don’t sign in with any of your accounts on any Google site. This is particularly vital on the off chance that you are attempting to erase only one of various accounts.

Verify that you are out of Gmail, YouTube, Drive, and Google+. Watch that you aren’t signed in with various accounts.

Take a gander at the upper right corner of a Google page. Verify that it says Sign In and doesn’t demonstrate any account data.

Step 2. Login to your Gmail account or Google account that you want to delete:

Click the bolt alongside your name to double check that you are not signed in with numerous records.

Step 3. Open your account details:

On the upper right alongside your symbol, tap the little descending directing bolt toward draw up your card, and snap Account.
Delete Gmail

Step 4. Now you will see Delete your account or services page.

Delete Gmail account

Step 5. There you can see a rundown go to Account management, besides that you can see Delete account and data. Click on that “Delete account and data”. Just click on Account and Data, Then gmail password required to just fill it.

Step 6. Check all of the boxes: To erase your record, you will need to affirm that you comprehend that you will lose access to all Google administrations. Before you can erase your Google account, you must affirm your goal to do as such, by scratching off every last administration you will lose if you close your record.

Step 7. Close your account

Enter your account password and afterward check the containers to affirm you need to erase your record.

  • When you have asserted that you no more wish to have a Google account, click on DELETE GOOGLE ACCOUNT.
  • You will likewise need to affirm that you will be in charge of any remarkable budgetary exchanges through Google Wallet.

Delete Only Your Gmail Email Address

1. Log Into your Google account

2. There you will find your name at the top right corner of the page. Put your cursor over that name and then you will see “Account” option below your name. Click on that “Account” option.

3. You can see Data Tools option on the top. Click on that Data Tools Option.

4. There you can see a rundown showing some options. Go to “Account Management” where you can see “Delete Products” beside that. Click on that link.

5. There you can see another link named Remove Gmail permanently. Select that Remove Gmail Permanently option.

6. Make sure you want to delete your email: This activity will erase your Gmail information and uproot access to your email account, for good.

In the event that that is the thing that you need, check the container to affirm your wish. At that point, enter another essential email location to sign into Google with (an option, outside email address), and enter your password. Click REMOVE GMAIL.

On the off chance that you would prefer not to get to your Google account at all any longer (not even with an option email location), utilize the first strategy recorded above, to erase your entire Gmail account.

7. Audit the affirmation: It tells you that you have to check your email at the option email location to affirm the activity.

8. Check your email: You will get an email confirmation about the removal of your Gmail account with a subject of Gmail Removal Confirmation. Click the link that was provided in the email.

9. It will ask you to enter your password. Enter your password and click on Verify to finalize the removal of your Gmail account permanently.

10. And everything was done right. It may take a few days to delete all your information and data so be patient for.

Individuals who mail your old Gmail address will get back a conveyance disappointment message. Verify you report another or substitute an old location where fancied.

Tips On Delete Gmail Account 

You can likewise follow the below-given tips that are associated with the Gmail.

· To abstain from getting spam, make another email address of an alternate supplier and don’t sign up for anything with it. Make another email address, some place and it just to sign up for things.

· On the off chance that you just can’t make sense of how to erase your record, you can basically change your status to from the net. Compose something, for example, “Account no longer active” and never sign into it again.

· Remember that in the event that you have a Droid or gadget with the Android OS and right now “Synchronize” to your Gmail account, you won’t have the capacity to get to the “Business sector” from your account has changed.

You’ll have to production line settings to verify to another record for these administrations to work for you once more.

· On the off chance that you utilize Gmail offline, you’ll likewise need to erase connected with Gmail logged off to uproot your record totally.

· Before you erase your email account, make a reinforcement of the email utilizing a cloud-based email reinforcement solution.

Warnings: On Delete Gmail Account 

· Making an excess of email locations will confound you and you may not recall that every one of them (and their passwords). On the off chance that you truly need to have more than one email record, attempt to keep an of three dynamic email accounts.

· Remember that on the off chance that you erase your record, it is no more retrievable following a couple of weeks.

Then again, Google will work with you to recuperate addresses that have been as of late erased on the off chance that you conclude that you need them back.

Delete Gmail account from android Mobile iPhone Tablet MAC 2018

Now days most people using android smartphone or android mobile also iPhone, iPad, iPod and much more similar like that and you know everyone using Gmail services,

So if you also using Gmail account if your mobile phone and you delete Gmail account then, You can open its official app in setting and can remove your account,

Step 1. First Go to in Setting of your Android Mobile Phone.

Step 2. Now just click on Account section.

Delet Gmail in Mobile

Step 3. Now click on Google, and your Gmail.

Step 4. Just click on Remove Account in lower right corner.

And follow that and done,

Note= Always make sure there no one any useful account linked your Gmail.


Deleting your Gmail account is a major choice. Thusly, you lose get to Gmail, as well as to any Google item and administration connected to your account.

Deleting accounts can be a bit of confounding on the off chance that you have various Google accounts and just need to evacuate one.

so read this for orderly subtle elements on the best way to forever delete your Google vicinity.


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