What Is Decompression Bomb?


Are you using Free Avast Antivirus program on your computer?? Then, you might have come across the decompression bomb or avast decompression bomb?.  Maybe if you are searching what is a decompression bomb file then sure this post will help you. If not, let us know about it here.

When you do full system scan of your computer using the Avast Antivirus program, then it would have informed you regarding the file on the hard drive or hard disk as a decompression bomb if so, what it actually??

A decompression bomb is said to be malicious is said to be a malicious compressed file which has been designed for crashing the antivirus program of your computer means avast the file is a decompression bomb.

   what is a decompression bomb

what is a decompression bomb

As these bombs depend on the technology called file compression, understanding on how they take your computer for crawling does require you of knowing how the applications like WinRAR or WinZip compresses any file.

So, let us first know about the file compression and then move on to the decompression bomb and all about it and how to fix this decompression bomb 42110 error on your computer.

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Also Known zip of death
Using for Render an antivirus program
Security This malicious archive file

File Compression 101

The job of the file compression is to reduce the file size and making the file into small RAR file i.e., less than that of the original file. For reducing the size of a file, the compression program will read the file at first and it will analyze the file.

As contents of any computer file, if made of 0’s and 1’s, this compression algorithm will go through that binary code and will check for the patterns.

The compression algorithm will rewrite those fragments and this turns a fragment that uses eight digits into six characters. This is all about the wildtangent file compression. Now let us get into the details of what does file is a decompression bomb mean.

Decompression Bomb and Its Anatomy

Decompression bomb will have a code which produces long patterns extremely which is equal to that of telling in the phone to your friend for writing down one which is then followed by the trillions of zeros.

In the same way, a RAR or Zip file would look small but it will have the instructions which can generate the tremendously large files.

Decompression Bomb Uses

Many of the Antivirus programs will open the compressed files that are downloaded automatically for checking whether they are having any malicious programs or software.

When it comes to decompression bombs, because of the uncompressed file size they produce, they can overload the antivirus application in an effort of avoiding it from analyzing the other viruses or malware present in the compressed file.

How to Prevent the Decompression Bomb

Using a reputed antivirus program, one needs to scan for the files that are downloaded and particularly if the file is a compressed file before you open the file.

Also, it is advised not to download the files whether they are compressed or not from the un-trusted websites. These are the ways to prevent the decompression bomb errors from occurring.

But, if the error occurs unfortunately even after taking the necessary measures, you can go through the below solution to fix that error. lets read my post on 25 best movie sites for free in 2019

How to Fix Decompression Bomb Error

Avast Error like, the File Is A Decompression Bomb 42110 error is a decompression bomb error would be caused by damage that is made to the windows system files. In order to fix this error, you need to use the repair tool called the Reimage.

It is free to download and you can use it easily to scan, detect the errors as well as to repair those errors of the system like The File Is A Decompression Bomb. 42110. Avast error. This is a very powerful tool which finds the malicious items which are hidden on the PC.

The tool will scan, diagnose and repairs your computer with the patent-pending technology which will fix the registry structure of the Windows operating system of your computer. So, do make use of this tool for scanning the error and to fix it.

  • At first, you need to download Reimage Repair Tool for your PC.
  • You can use any alternative of Reimage Repair Tool if free or paid is you can afford.
  • Double click on the file the tool that you have downloaded for starting its installation.
  • If you want to run this program, User Account Control will be prompted and you need to tap on “Yes” to continue.
  • After the launch of the program initially, a welcome screen will be displayed as shown below. You need to leave the box unchecked for allowing the reimage for starting the automatic scan and then tap on “install” for starting the installation.

reimage repair

  • Now, the tool will be successfully installed on your computer.
  • This will download all the necessary updates for your PC with the help of the internet.
  • After that, the tool will do a preliminary scan of your computer automatically which will detect the computer’s health.


  • Once the scanning completes, the tool will show you the areas of your computer that are damaged and if the repair is required for that areas.
  • If it shows you to repair, you need to tap on the “Start Repair” button of it in the right corner at the bottom of the screen as shown in the below image.

PC summary

  • After the tool completes the repair, the problem with the error decompression bomb should be fixed finally.
  • Finally, you need to restart your PC for completing the process and see that the error is fixed.

This is one of the best methods that you can try for fixing the decompression bomb error. So, give it a try. As of now, we have found this solution useful for fixing the error,

So if you are having this error fix it with this solution. Better to prevent the error in the preliminary stages itself as stated above as it prevention is always better than cure. If there are any more solutions for this error we will update here soon. So, you can stay tuned.

Decompression Bomb Removal

If you don’t have much knowledge about tech like windows operating system then you can try tools, Tools will automatically remove these types error in few clicks. I personally recommending you to use Reimage Repair Tool because its very easy to use and also giving better result from other similar like this.

What is Reimage Repair tool?

These type software are potentially unwanted program which known for fixing windows error. You can say it system optimizer,

It really dramatically optimizing system speed and performance. There are many free but free tools not giving much result as like paid can give.

Zip bomb

Still many people don’t know that Decompression Bomb also known Zip bomb which mean is zip of death, Actually this a malicious archive file working on system reading or useless the program reading.

So now you can identify about this and also can fix issue making by these type files. If you have not much technical knowledge then you can try tools or software to fix it, but most of software are paid, So just try to follow this tuturial and get ride on it.


This is all about the decompression bomb, the error and how to fix it. Hope, this article gives you an overview of the decompression bomb of the Avast antivirus program in the computer.

Hope now what is the file is a decompression bomb concept is cleared that this file is a decompression bomb or error the file is a decompression bomb.

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