How To Clear Chat In CoC with Trick Commands 2021


Hello, Gamers !!…. Today we will be discussing another topic related to Clash of Clans or CoC in short. Here in this article, We will be dealing with How To Clear Chat in CoC and we will be providing our readers with Clear Chat Trick Commands for Clash of Clans that really works.

Clash of Clans is the games that took the world of Gaming Industry by storm. And it has become one of the most popular and downloaded games from Google Play Store.

How To Clear Chat In CoC with Trick Commands

If you have been playing Clash of Clans then you might be already aware of the fact that how addictive this game can be. Generally because of the feature that it allows an Online community-based Clans for its players.

How To Clear Chat in CoC or Clash of Clan Trick:

Now Clash of Clans being an Online MMORPG Game also provides a Chat System. Where all the Players can Chat with each other.

And in a case of the Chat System that is provided by Clash of Clans, it provides the facility to have a Global Chat as well as a Chat Group just among the Clan Members.

Through the Chat System in Clash of Clans a Player can put input commands and communicate with other Players and Clan Members, but some many cases the chat gets clogged and messy, so it becomes quite distracting for the players.

Most of the other MMORPG Games like Dota 2, League of Legends have provided method of making the chat window as small as Possible. So that the Chat Keyboard will not be distracting for the Players.

But Clash of Clans does not have any of those functions where it can minimize or clear the Chat . The only way to clear chat on Clash of Clans is by Closing and Game and Restarting it again, But this proves to be annoying and one cannot always open and shut the Game to clear the chat window.

So this Proves to be quite troublesome in cases where you are engaged in a heavy War on CoC.

I have personally been quite pissed off with this problem of CoC that does not allow to Clear Chat in a Normal way. So I have been searching anyway using which I will be able to Clear Chat in CoCwithout Actually Closing my GamePlay on Clash of Clans.

And I finally found a way to do it and to my surprise, it is quite easy and it takes only actions to do it.

Steps To Clear The Chat on CoC:

If you want to Clear the Chat Window you will just need to follow the few simple steps provided below.

Step 1: First of All Open Your Text Editor/ Text Generator:

The First thing that you will need to do is open your Text Generator or Text Editor both your iOS as well as Android will have an Editor. You will just need a space to type and use your Keyboard. But you will have to have sure that the Keyboard of your Phone Supports Copy & Paste.

Step 2: Write “/ClearChat” and press “Return” about 50 times:

Next thing that you will need to do is write “/ClearChat” and press the Return key of your Keyboard 30 times continuously. This will create a large blank paragraph on your Text Editor. Which you can paste this in any chat, and it will technically “clear” the screen of text on your Screen.

Clear Chat

Step 3: Copy the whole Text Page:

Now you will need to copy the whole Blank paragraph that you have created using the Text Generator or Text Editor. To do it you will just need to hold the text and drag your Fingers and usually, the Copy option will Pop up. And you will just need to click on the Copy option.

Step 4: Open and Paste on CoC Chat:

The last thing that you will need to do is to open or launch the Clash of Clan Game on your Device and open the Chat Box and Paste the Blank Paragraph anytime when you want to Clear Chat on CoC.

Past Clear Chat

That is How To Clear Chat in CoC Command and they can be followed and done by you using the same easy steps provided above.


So the above is the guide on how to Clear Chat in Clash of Clans trick Command and using the trick provided above you will be able to concentrate more on the game that you are playing.


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