Clash of Clans Attack Strategy For All Town Hall Levels


Clash of Clans Attack Strategy is one of the most discussed topics in most of the forums that are related to Clash of Clans. So today we will be trying to list out some of the best Clash of Clans Attack Strategy that you can use in Clash of Clans for different Town Hall Levels.

Clash of Clans

Now choosing the right strategy is as important as any other factors in the Games which includes Resources, Defense and Earning Gems. If you want to know how to earn free Gems Legally Check out the Article.

If you are a beginner to this game and have just started playing this game then the next few lines will be quite important to you and for more experienced players you might already know this stuff so you can just skip the few lines below and go to the strategy portion of higher level Town Hall Strategies.Clash of Clans Attack Strategy for all hall

Basically, the strategy that you plan for a Clash of Clan Attack will depend on few things that I will be listing below.

1.Attack Scenario:

Now the army or the attack strategy will ultimately depend on whether you are going attack in your Regular Attacks or Clan Wars.

2. Motive Of Attack:

The Next thing that will decide how you decide the strategy of your attacks is whether you are going for a Resource Loot or Toppies Push or Full Destruction.

3. Town Hall Level:

Another that will decide the Attack strategy of your Game is the Level in which your TownHall will be. The more you Upgrades your TownHall you will unlock more powerful troops and your enemy will have more powerful Defenses.

4. Training Capacity:

The Number of Troops that you can train at once will also decide the planning of your Clash of Clans Attack Strategy. At the initial stage of Clash of Clans, you cannot train more troops but as you upgrade your TownHall your Capacity of Training Troops Increases.

And apart from the above few others things that will decide how you will planning out the attack strategy for each Townhall can be either the amount of resources that you would want to spend on Training your Armies or the amount of time you will put into training the particular Group of Army.

So now without much more delays we will be providing you with some of the most powerful Clash of Clans Attack Strategy for all the Townhalls.

Best Clash of Clans Attack Strategy 2018:

Here are some of our hand pick Clash of Clans attack Strategy that we have tried out and it worked quite fine under the particular Town Hall Level. So check out the Attack Strategy in Clash of Clans for all Townhall below….

TownHall 2:

TownHall 2 will be the beginners base in Clash of Clan Game and particularly there is nothing fancy about the attack that you can use in this TownHall level.

It is mainly because most of the troops in this Level is locked and you will have to upgrade your town hall more to get access to more powerful troops.


  • The only troops available in TownHall Level 2 are Barbarians, Goblins, and Giants.
  • So some of the attacking strategies that you can use in TownHall level 2 are as follow:
  • Barbarians for Trophy push with most of the low-level defense Enemy Townhalls.
  • Goblins + Barbarians for Resource Loots.
  • The combination of Giants + Barbarians for Completed 3 Stars on Enemy base.
TownHall 2 Clash of Clans Attack Strategy

TownHall 3

TownHall 3 is where things start getting interesting as this is the level where you starts unlocking new defenses and a new army called “Wall Breaker“………….. which is a Skeleton with a Bomb !! Wall being its primary target. And probably you can try out few numbers of combination with the Wall breakers.

TownHall 3 Clash of Clans Attack Strategy

Here are some of the attacking strategy that you can try out in TownHall level 3:

  • Barbarians + Giants for Trophy Rush.
  • Giants + Wall Braker + Goblins for Resource Loots.
  • Giants + Wall Braker + Barbarians for 3 Stars on Enemy bases.

TownHall 4:

In TownHall 4 you will start unlocking few different Armies and varieties of defenses. And the main army will include a Ballon and Archers. You can start using a different combination to this Army strategy. Below we have listed some of our strongest army strategies.

  • The combination of Barbarians + Archers for the Trophy Rush.
  • And you can use the Combination of Giants + Goblins or Goblins + Archers for the Resource Loots.
  • Giants + Wall Breaker + Ballons + Archers for the 3 Stars Attack on Enemy base.
  • For total destruction and 3 stars attack, you can use the Combination of Giants to destroy all the Air defense of the enemy base and then use Ballons to further destroy the undefended base.
TownHall 3 Clash of Clans Attack Strategy

TownHall 5:

TownHall Level 5 is when the enemy defenses start getting quite strong especially the Walls of your Enemy base. So by the time you reach this stage you might want to start using Wall Breakers more often for all the major attacks.

Now here are some of the attack combinations that you can certainly use during your TownHall 5.

  • The Combination Archers + Giants + Wall Breakers for the Trophy Rush.
  • The Combination of Wall Breakers + Goblins for the Resource Loots.
  • Wall Breakers + Giants + Wizards + Balloons for the 3 Stars Attack.
  • At this stage, the training of Wizards would look quite expensive and the Wizards would not be able to withstand much of the assault from the Enemy defense.

So be sure to use the Wizards wisely.

TownHall 6:

Once you reach TownHall 6 you will be having access to Healers on your Barracks. This means that you can bring quite a stability upon your Attacking Strategies.

Here some of the Clash of Clans attack strategy that you can use if you are in TownHall 6.

Combining Giants + Archers + Healers for Trophy Rush.
You can use the Combination of Giants + Healers + Goblins for Resource Loots.
The combination of Wall Breaker+ Giants + Healers + Archers for 3 Stars Attack.
If you are in town hall 6 you will have to use a full utilization of the training space and in a case of Complete 3 Stars attack you can use Wall Breaker and Giants for the first wave of attack to destroy the Air Defense 1. After that, you can deploy your Healer to heal your Giants so that they can last longer. Now the AD 2 will take out your Healer after which you can deploy the rest of your troops behind the Giants.

TownHall 7:

After you have upgraded your TownHall to level 7 you will be introduced a new type of Resource. The Dark Elixir which brings a new type of Army which are stronger than any other army. The Clash of Clans Attack Strategy that you can use if you are currently in this TownHall are.

  • Combinations of Giants + Wall Breaker + Healers + Archers/Barbarians/Minions for Trophy Rush.
  • You can use the Combination of Wall Breaker + Goblins + Archers for Resource Farming.
  • All Dragon Attack or Dragons + Balloons or Hogs Attack for 3 Stars.
  • TownHall 7 will bring you new defenses and troops which will bring up new powers. So once you reached the Level of TownHall 7 you can start experimenting with all your Army strategies. Some of the most popular and effective attack strategy in Clash of Clans for TowbHall 7 are using an All Hog attack with Healing Spells or an All Dragon Attack with a Lighting Spell.

TownHall 8:

TownHall 8 does not bring any major changes in the Troops availability but it does let to minimal Upgrades which can be quite an important breakthrough if players can use it effectively. Here are some of the major Attack Strategy of CoC in TownHall 8.

  • The Combination of Giants + Healers + Wall Breaker + Archers for Trophy Farming.
  • And the Combination of Giants + Wall Breakers + Goblins can be used for Resource Farming.
  • In TownHall 8 you can use the Combination of Golems + Peeka + Wizards for Full 3 Stars Attack.
  • In TownHall 8 Clash of Clans Attack strategy, you will mainly have to focus upon to the quality of your Army rather than the Quantity of your Army. You can upgrade your Troops for better Attack power and strength. The Combination of Giants, healers, wall breaker and Archers still works quite well for the purpose of Trophy push.

And for the purpose of 3 Stars attack, you can use Golems, Peeka, Wall Breaker with Wizards.

You will have to be quite a clever while deploying your Wizards as they cannot take many hits but their Attack power is huge. And at this level, you will have to focus towards upgrading your Hogs to level 4 which provides you a Powerful troop with the ability to take down even TownHall 9 Players.

TownHall 9:

During the TownHall 9 level, a New kind of troop is introduce known as the Witch. It is one of the most powerful troops, the witch can attack itself and it can also generate a bunch of Skeleton Army which has quite a high hit points. And if you plan your Attack with Witch in a proper way then it can be quite touched the Enemy base to defend.

Here are some of the Attack Troops combination that you can try out when you are in TownHall Level 9.

    • The Combination of Archers + Balloons + Minions for Trophy Farming
    • The Combination of Giants + Archers + Wall Breaker + Minions for Resource Loots
    • The Combination of Witch + Peeka + Wizards for Full 3 Stars Attack.
  • Once you reach this stage of the game you will be having various options to choose your Troops from. But one of the most common ones is listed above.

Now the variation of the Army will depend on upon you. If you would want to save Dark Elixir for upgrading your Dark Troops then it is better you use the alternatives of Dark Barrack Troops.

Now for example Resource Loots you can avoid to use Minions and go for the Enemy bases whose loot is outside the protected areas. So at the end of the day, it actually depends on upon the Players on how they want to play the Game.

TownHall 10:

Town Hall 10 will be the last town hall which we will be covering today on the best Attack Strategy in Clash of Clans.

We will be updating this Article once we research and experiment with TH 11 to more extend. So stay tune and upgrade to our News Latter for our Latest Guides on Clash of Clans.

  1. Now under the TownHall 10, some of the best Clash of Clans Attack Strategy that you can use against your Enemy are as follows.
  2. For Trophy Farming you can use the Variation of Troops with Giants + Archers + Barbarians + Healers + Valkyria.
  3. And for the purpose of Resource Farming, you can use Troops such as Minions + Goblins + Archers + Wall Breakers etc.
  4. For full Power or 3 Stars attack you can use the Troop combinations of Golem + Wizards + Witch + Peeka.
  5. As you reach the level of TownHall 10 you will get all the freedom to experiment with all your Attack strategy.
  6. As both, your Quantity of your troops, as well as the Quality of your Troops, will support you. So once you reach TownHall 10 it’s all about your creativeness and planning.


So the above are some of the Best Clash of Clans Attack Strategy for all the TownHalls. If you have any strategy to share with us please leave your Comments below.


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