10 Best Blewpass Alternative Proxy server to Unblock Websites 2021


Today we are sharing Top 10 Best Proxy Sites with latest fast working Proxy server to Unblock Websites in 2021 these are best alternative of Blewpass using that you can unblock YouTube, movies and videos sites too. Do you love watching videos on YouTube and facing restriction to access it in school?

If yes, then this post about the topic How to unblock YouTube at school will help you to overcome the situation.

YouTube is one of the most popular online video sharing websites worldwide. We can watch, upload and share anything on this platform


Blewpass is one of the most popular proxy websites giving good quality from long time of internet world.

Still you don’t know it work same like Kproxy and giving real time result without any catch and cookies. Still it have millions daily users. But if some time it not working then you can try alternatives of Blewpass.

6.Green ProxyFree
10.Video UnblockerFree

YouTube is the survival guru these days for many younger who loves to watch videos and movies regularly online.

They get very irritate when faces restriction at the workplace. If you are also facing the same situation then check the list of top proxy server sites to unblock YouTube in 2021 at schools.

Advantages of using proxy server sites

The advantages of using the proxy server sites are as follows:

  1. You can access the video site without any restriction.
  2. The IP address will remain hidden from the outside peoples.
  3. It is the safest way to browse videos online at schools and colleges.
  4. It uses the SSL encryption by utilizing 256-piece.
  5. The method encrypts the data between host and server.
  6. It also selects the best server location for fast streaming.
  7. It manages cookies and privacy of the user online.
  8. It also hides the sensitive data from the connectivity host at the schools and workplaces.
  9. You can remove the ads and pop-ups using the Adblocker option.
  10. You do not need to worry about the identity information.
  11. No one can trace you or catch in schools.

YouTube proxy sites

We all know that web proxy is a safe and secure way to unblock videos online without any registration. If you are facing restriction to popular sites like the hamster, Youtube, xvideos, etc at schools then proxy server method is going to help you to access them directly.

It simply creates a new IP address and hides the existing IP to a different server location. Web proxy sites are quick and safe these days to browse videos safely online. It uses the ‘Proxy connection’ feature to encrypt the restriction.

Blewpass Best Alternative Proxy server to Unblock Websites 2021

You do not need any expert tips to use this method. Just visit official website and enter the URL then hit the enter button. You are done and enjoy the videos. So, let’s check out the top best proxy server sites to unblock YouTube 2021.

Just use below Proxy sites and Unblock YouTube at school and also any other blocked area very easily. So here are complete collection, Just read carefully one by one whole tools review, And select any one by understanding prons and coins :-

1. Pinproxy

This is the first online tool in the list to unblock Youtube at schools and colleges. Pinproxy is one of the trusted and safe online video proxy sites which can perfectly unblock the YouTube site. The tool is very useful when facing restriction issue at schools.

The Pinproxy online service uses the IP address protection and SSL security. It also protects you from the malicious software and programs online. You can directly visit the homepage and enter the URL to access the YouTube instantly on any device.


  • It can also unblock various sites like Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion, etc in easy steps.
  • Pinproxy service uses 128 Bit SSL which takes care of user’s privacy and protection.
  • The official website URL is

2. Videoproxy

This is yet another best online youtube unblock tool which comes at the second position.

It works great for the video sites without any registration. Users can use this tool for unblocking popular video sites like Vimeo, Youtube, Dailymotion, etc.

The dedicated server is located in UK and service is not available to all parts of the world. Video proxy is a very old service which was started 46 years ago and gained a lot of trust from audiences. It uses 256-bit encrypted data for safe online video streaming.


  • If you are looking for old and trusted platform to unblock YouTube safely then you must try video proxy.
  • It is capable of fulfilling your requirements without any problem.

3. Watchproxy.com

watchproxy.com is one of the mostly used online services to unblock the video sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, etc. It is capable of bypassing any site and giving you best user interface. You can also block the irritating ads and pop-ups here.


  1. Watchproxy uses the different server locations to create new IP address for online streaming.
  2. It is an SSL enabled video proxy which is absolutely free and requires no premium membership.
  3. This online service is especially popular at schools, colleges, and workplace.

Thousands of users unblock video sites each day from different locations with it. Watchproxy provides you full protection and safe from the spam online. It unblocks popular sites in seconds and enhances security by hiding your data from outside world.

4. Myvideoproxy.com

The other online popular proxy service which comes at the fourth position. Users can easily unblock any video site online at schools and offices.

It not only unblocks YouTube but also popular sites like Facebook, Music site, Vimeo, etc.

This service is well known for providing the privacy and safety to the users online. You do not need any registration to use this service.

Just visit the homepage at www.myvideoproxy.com and enter the video site URL which you want to unblock and enjoy at the workplace. With this tool, you can watch your favorite video anytime and unlimited access to Youtube videos.


  • If YouTube is blocked in your computer then myvideoproxy.com is the solution available.
  • You can also register on this website to enjoy more features and best experience.
  • It will provide you full control to the video site within seconds.
  • Let’s check the another video proxy site below.

5. Glype

You might have heard the name of the Glype proxy site when it comes to unblocking video sites in 2021.

Glype is one of the popular and mostly used online tool for unblocking YouTube videos in 2021. It is a web proxy site written in PHP and ease of use.


  1. You can mange the cookies and set up the privacy options.
  2. It will take care of all spams online from various malicious trojans on a device.
  3. You can use the Glype service quickly to unblock any video site.
  4. The official website URL is www.gylpe.com.
  5. It uses 256-piece SSL encryption and various server locations for best results.
  6. It works well at all places without any server error.

6. Green Proxy

This is yet another best online video proxy site which works well in unblocking the Youtube videos.

You can browse unlimited videos on this site. It is a free web proxy site which requires no sign up and registration.

Green Proxy is the best option for those users who want to stay hidden and safe while streaming online videos.

It is the secure tool which can also unblock the Facebook at schools and workplaces. The homepage URL is https://www.greenproxy.net.


  • Green Proxy is a USA web based proxy site which works effectively in the United States.
  • It allows you to connect with video sites via secure server location and IP address.

7. Proxfree.com

Proxfree is another online tool which is mainly popular for unblocking Youtube videos within seconds. It is a powerful online web proxy which gives SSL security and changeable IP (Internet Protocol) address.

You can directly unblock the videos from the popular video sharing sites like Dailymotion and YouTube. You can check more features on this site like Motherless Proxy, IP change, etc.


  • Proxfree is responsive and takes less time to load.
  • It is a fast, secure and trusted online proxy tool available on the web.
  • You can also register to enjoy all the proxy features on the same platform.
  • It maintains user’s privacy and hides data.

8. Proxysite.com

It is yet another video unblock web proxy site which is known for streaming the high definition videos online.

Proxy site is a premium online proxy tool which offers high-end features to users. You can use the free Facebook and YouTube proxy tool on this platform.


  1. It is one of the safest ways to access blocked content by hiding your IP address at schools and colleges.
  2. You need to create a account and enter the details to enjoy the high-end features on Proxy site.
  3. It is a typical proxy site which is known for unblocking the Youtube videos at workplaces and schools.
  4. It is a free, safe and fast tool available online.

9. unblockvideos.com

It is free SSL unblocker which unblocks video sites at restricted places. If you are also facing restriction issue at school then check this online service. It is completely free, fast, secure and requires no registration for use.


  • You can unblock the favorite videos from different popular sites like Dailymotion, myspace, YouTube, etc on your smartphone.
  • The best thing of it is that you will not face any limitations to use its features.
  • It is capable to bypass restriction at schools and colleges.
  • The advertisements and pop-ups are quite irritating on the webpage.
  • It keeps privacy and data safe.

10. Video Unblocker

Video Unblocker comes at the last position in our list. This tool is specially optimized to use easily from any device variants like iPad, PC, tablet, etc.

You can forward to videos request to the server location. It supports 256 bit in number SSL encoded passage.

Video unblocker is a good choice when it comes to browsing the restricted videos at schools and offices. You have to enter the URL in the box on the homepage and hit the enter button.


  1. It uses the best server location and protects you from spam online.
  2. It will hide your original IP and create a new one.
  3. You can check this online service here: www.videounblocker.net.


The above is the detailed list of the top best proxy server sites to unblock YouTube in 2021.

These sites are the best way to access any video at the restricted place like schools and colleges. Web proxy will create a new IP address or changeable IP.


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