Best Xposed Installer framework Complete Tutorial 2021


This tutorial complete about what is xposed installer for android. You can know everything about xposed framework download here.

As we know that Technology has been evolving day by day and many changes are being observed in our daily life with the use of technology in almost everything we use right from our mobile devices to the heavy electronics we use.

    Xposed Installer

Xposed Installer framework

Do you ever think of making some slight changes or adjustments in this Android OS?? If yes, you are at the right place. Users can make it possible with the Xposed Installer and it is a very simple and easy process too.

What is Xposed Installer??

Xposed Installer is an app that enables the users to make some small adjustments to the operating system of the Android device. Its name is xposed framework.

  • It can change the behavior of the system as well as apps without touching any of the apk which means modules can work for various versions and even ROMs without many any changes.
  • They are small that they will be working after the restart of your device but the important thing is that it will help you to get most of the android device.
  • The process of undoing the changes with the xposed installer is also very simple.
  • As all the adjustments or changes are done on the memory one need to deactivate that particular module and restart the device to get back the original Operating system.

One of the important things that you should note is that installing xposed installer framework in your device may cause some issues in your device. This is not a common issue but if you don’t carefully install the xposed installer app, it can disable the Android and force the users to reformat the device. So, it is necessary for the user to follow the simple instructions that are displayed on the screen while installation.

Once the user installed the app successfully in their device and restarted the device, the user can see all the various available modules. The user will be able to see different names as well as descriptions of more than 100 various options on the interface of the app.

Various Functions of Xposed Installer App

  • The framework will help in adding some added options to the Power Menu.
  • The hardware buttons can be remapped.
  • The users can manage the permissions of various applications easily using this app.
  • Users can enable the OK Google for some third-party launchers.
  • The app will allow making some simple changes so that we can make use of the Xposed Installer more easily.
  • Users can remove the warning called “Unsafe Volume” using this framework.
  • The framework will allow the users to use their device without any hassle.
  • It is a very useful app that allows the users to find many tweaks as well as the apps to get in our device.
  • The users will finally have access to some of the best available services for using the app.

Adding More Options in Power Menu

The users will have to know about the custom ROMs through which the users can change the options present in the power menu. The Xposed installer has that feature which helps the users to use it without making use of custom ROMs.

For example, users can add the options such as airplane mode, screenshot, flashlight, reboot etc. in the power menu. This is one of the amazing features of the Xposed Installer.

Remapping of Hardware Buttons

Some extra modules enable the users for remapping the hardware buttons of their device. For example, one can make the up button of the volume into the button that will allow the users to open the camera of their device or the users can make the changes as per their requirement with this awesome feature of the app.

Managing the Permission of Various Applications

With the help of this app, the users can easily manage the apps permissions in a simple way and with this, the things will be easier as well as faster for the users.

Enable OK Google from Any of the Third-Party Launcher

Generally, the users are not allowed to use the OK Google in any of the Third-party launchers, but with the help of the Xposed installer app module, the user can make use of the OK Google feature without problem. This will help a lot and it will work without any issues.

As if you are aware of the Xposed installer app, the users can download the app and install it on their device to get all the above-listed advantages to the device. To install the xposed installer on your device, do follow the below process.

How to Installer Xposed Framework?

Step 1- Download the latest version of the xposed installer on your device.

Step 2- Install the app on your device and once the app is installed, launch the app from the app drawer.

app drawer

Step 3- Go to the Xposed installer framework and click on “Install / Update” button. If the app is stuck there, you don’t have to worry. Just give it some time and it will show you a Superuser request eventually which you need to grant it by clicking on “Grant”.

Xposed Framework

Step 4- Than


Step 5- Finally, the framework is installed on your device and it will prompt you once the installation process completes.

Step 6- One needs to reboot the device before using the framework. For this, the users need to click on “Reboot” button as shown below.


Step 7- After the device reboots, the framework is completely installed on the device and the users can install its modules for customizing the device as they want.


The modules of the Xposed installer framework brings the device with new features and the users need to install those modules for adding new changes and functionality to their device without which there is no use of installing just the framework.

So, users install all those modules you want from the Xposed installer framework carefully and get the most out of it for your device.


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