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30 Best Weird Websites 2017

The internet is a huge hub for numerous strange and bizarre things. There are several types of websites present on the web related to slew of categories such as technology, games, music, videos, movies, sports, gadgets, electronics, shopping portals and a lot more.

Do you know that there are some weird websites online? If you are not conscious about such websites, we have included some of them in the below post. If you are a rapid user of the internet, you will come across several such weirdo person and things as well. There are more than millions of websites on the internet out of which some created out of no reason at all.

weird websites

Best Weird Websites 2017

If you are quite tedious and feeling bored, you can right now visit the below-mentioned weird websites. We bet you that you will definitely get utmost entertainment on these websites. Here, in this post, we have compiled the list of the best and craziest weird websites online. Have a look!

  1. Press the Space Bar

Are you looking to know the number of times you pressed the spacebar? You can visit this website to know the number of times you have pressed the spacebar in just 5 seconds, 10 seconds and 15 seconds. If you are quite eager to know it, just navigate to this website right now.

Press the Space Bar

Click here to visit Press the Space Bar

  1. Endless Horse

The name of this website itself makes you understand everything. Yes, you heard it right. On this website, you can see an endless horse so that you can never see the end of the legs of this horse. This horse made out of text without having an end. You will tire of scrolling down through this website.

Endless Horse

Click here to visit Endless Horse

  1. Letters to Lorne

The notes on this websites in the form of letters enhances in an eccentric manner. Every day, you can find a new letter.

Letters to Lorne

Click here to visit Letters to Lorne

  1. Tane

This is one of the weirdest sites that have a name of Tane.


Click here to visit Tane

  1. Hypnotoad

This website comes with massive beauty. On this website, a toad or a frog will hypnotize the user. You can see that text that says “ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!” You can also listen to some frightening music.


Click here to visit Hypnotoad

  1. Do Not Go On

Every person makes error. You need to simply tap on a place where you must not click. You need to get back in a calm mode. If you are perplexed then just visit this website.

Do Not Go On

Click here to visit Do Not Go On

  1. Eel Slap

Eel slap is the best weird website wherein you need to slap a person using eel by making use of your mouse.  The user can have pleasure using this website. What are your looking at? Just navigate to the website.

Eel Slap

Click here to visit Eel Slap

  1. BoohBah Zone

BoohBah Zone is the best television show that offers numerous games for small kids.

BoohBah Zone

Click here to visit BoohBah Zone

  1. Falling Falling

On this website, you will see a thing that falls all the time. There is no more closing stages for the falling.

Click here to visit Falling Falling

  1. Zombo

On this website, you can do anything. You will remain anonymity till you visit the website.


Click here to visit Zombo

  1. Patience is a Virtue

Do you have enough patience? Just go all by yourself to this website and check out whether the patience is an asset or not.

Click here to visit Patience is a Virtue

  1. Rhett and Lick

You might have seen a dog licking the screen, but, in actual sense, they are a couple of YouTubers who had developed this website. You will see them licking the screen.

Click here to visit Rhett and Lick

  1. The Last Page on the Internet

You have finally reached the end page on the internet. If you are done with your browsing, you can switch off your system and go to bed soon.

The Last Page on the Internet

Click here to visit The Last Page on the Internet

  1. I Look Like Barack Obama

Do you look like Barack Obama? It’s quite weird and humorous as well. A person namely Trevor says these words that he looks like the former President of the US.

Click here to visit I Look Like Barack Obama

  1. Zoom Quilt

On this website, you can see the entire world zooms, zooms and zoom all the time. There is no end to the zooming of the earth.

Click here to visit Zoom Quilt

  1. Ninja Flex

If you haven’t seen a ninja and a flex anytime, just navigate to this website. You need to make sure that you place the mouse on either Ninja or Flex. Want to know what happens next? Why late? Just go and see all by yourself.

Click here to visit Ninja Flex

  1. Ling’s Cars

Ling’s Cars is utterly an insane website. However, on this website, you can see extremely rated lease Car Company available at the best affordable prices.

Click here to visit Ling’s Cars

  1. Test Gay

Are you a gay? OMG!! Wanna test it?? Then, go and visit this Test Gay website to know whether you are a gay or not.

Click here to visit Test Gay

  1. He-Man Sings

Heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa!! If your mood is not good today, you don’t have to worry much. All you need to do is just visit this website and I swear, you would experience utmost fun and amusement.

Click here to visit He-Man Sings

  1. Jello Time

If you are starving and looking for a jelly to eat, just eat it right now. No problem at all! You need to go to this website and place the mouse on the jelly. Just watch calmly to know what happens next.

Jello Time

Click here to visit Jello Time

21.111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111. Com

OMG!! Are your eyes spinning? After looking at the domain name of this website, you might be quite curious to know what’s lying within this site. We can’t even describe it. You just go and know by yourself!

Click here to visit 11….11.com

  1. Clever Bot

If you have seen a bot just acting similar to a human, you can see it on this website. If you feel tedious, just go and visit this website and entertain yourself.

Click here to visit Clever Bot

  1. Snap Bubbles

Most of the people look for a bubble wrapped gift. People find it funny while pressing the bubbles. On this website, you can snap bubbles.

Click here to visit Snap Bubbles

  1. Staggering Beauty

On Staggering Beauty, you can see a fluffy worm. You can control this worm just by shaking it using your mouse. If you move it faster and faster, you can observe something weird. Check it out!

Staggering Beauty

Click here to visit Staggering Beauty

  1. The Nicest Place on the Internet

It might not be a weird website but it is one of the nicest places on the internet. You can get deep hugs absolutely for free of charge.

Click here to visit The Nicest Place on the Internet

  1. Corndog on Corndog

You can right now eat some fresh corn dogs. Go to this website and eat.

Click here to visit Corndog on Corndog

  1. Feed the Head

If you have much of leisure time and wish to play something interesting, you can right now visit this website.

Click here to visit feed the Head

  1. The Zombie Dance

Zombies are one of the scariest things on the earth particularly on the internet. You can see the zombies dancing on this website. It’s quite weird, right? Have you ever seen zombies dance?

Click here to visit The Zombie Dance

  1. Pointer Pointer

Whenever you visit this website, you need to move the cursor to some location and then stop moving at a specific location. You can then watch a picture coming out of the cursor and that picture will show your cursor.

Click here to visit Pointer Pointer

  1. fUSION Anomoly

In the year 1995, a 9 year old person had discovered the Wikipedia. On this website, you can find some weird things. Go and navigate to this website right now.

Click here to visit fUSION Anomoly

Final Verdict

All through your time, you might have not even crossed a thousand of the websites. The weirdest things that you come across will definitely make your mouth wide open out of shock or strange. However, one single life wouldn’t be sufficient so as to visit all the websites present on the internet. But, we are quite cheerful to introduce you some of the weirdest websites present online.

These are some of the weirdest websites that you can come across on the internet. When you are free and have lot of leisure time, just visit this website and have fun. You can share your experiences with us after navigating to all the above-given websites through the comments section!

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